Hot Hands

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Maybe you just stole a glance at Burt Reynold’s mustache.

Or maybe Steve McQueen’s piercing eyes were drilling a hole into your skull from the boob tube.

Maybe it was Barbara Eden casting her magic on you.

Or Raquel Welch’s… everything.

Like our heads, sometimes our hands get hot. Sometimes, you have naturally hot hands.

I always wondered why I could play with any slime and only have to break out my activator to get my desired firmness while my daughter is always fighting slime sticking to her hands.

It’s because she has hot hands, which makes sense. She is a little ball of energy who thrives on danger and sugar. Some people are naturally hotter. Some people have their own personal summer. If you know, you know.

If you have hot hands, or if you are just hot, first off: good on you. Must be nice. Secondly, you can still enjoy slime. There are a few solutions to being a magnet for slime (and romantic partners, probably). You can put a little activator on your hands before play. If you are playing with thick or clay slime, you could also use a little lotion.

The top option for hot hand slime play is the Hot Hands Barrier product Retro Slime sells. It comes in a balm and is free of a scent. I like to store it in with my slime products and put it on before play.

Go on with your bad self, hot stuff.


  1. IhearteggnogslimeReply
    July 6, 2022 at 14:07

    So useful! Thank you!

    • Leah FloydReply
      July 23, 2022 at 18:39

      I’ve always thought your hot hands product is genius! I generally don’t need it, but my 3 kids use it every single time!

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