About UsRetro Slime Company

At Retro Slime Company, your memories, joys, and moments of wonder are our inspiration. Every container of our nostalgic slime is more than just a delightful product; it’s an invitation to travel back in time, to revisit those carefree days of youth and to ignite the joy of simpler times.

It all began in 2019, when the magic of creation and a young child’s curiosity brought forth a vision. The owner, Colleen Allen, alongside her granddaughter Rosemary, embarked on a journey of discovery, laughter, and creativity. As they experimented with slime recipes, they realized that this wasn’t just a fun pastime, but a bridge to the past – an embodiment of nostalgic moments that many hold dear.

Despite the challenges of a global pandemic, the spirit of RSC never dimmed. Instead, we saw an opportunity to brighten up the world when it needed it most. Through resilience and passion, we launched our line of nostalgic slimes on April 10, 2020.

What makes RSC stand out? It’s our dedication to evoking memories. Our slimes transport you to different eras, from the roaring 1920s to the dynamic 1990s. Think of it as a tactile time machine, with vibrant colors reminding you of retro arcades, textures that harken back to iconic toys, and scents that awaken comforting memories of yesteryears.

But beyond the product, it’s you – our cherished “Neighbors” (a term of endearment for our customers) – who are at the heart of RSC. Your stories, your memories, and your continued support have turned this company into a thriving community. A place where creativity meets nostalgia, and where every interaction is a shared journey into the past.

So, whether you’re discovering slime for the first time or are a longtime lover of nostalgia, we’re here to create and share with you. Dive into our collection and let’s relive those magical moments together. With gratitude, we thank you for being a vital part of our RSC family. The next chapter of our slime-filled adventures eagerly awaits, and we’re thrilled to have you on board.