Charming Pops Jelly Slime


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SCENT: Sour Apple
COLOR: Green
SIZE: Large = 10 oz of slime

No matter how you enjoy your blow pop we know you will want to stretch out your enjoyment of this jelly slime scented like sour apple with a clay “bubble gum” piece in the middle. 

Walter W. Reid Jr. founded the Charms Candy Company in 1912. The company was originally called Tropical Charms, a reference to the individually wrapped square-shaped hard candies, which were one of the first to be individually wrapped in cellophane.

To the delight of children everywhere, Charms Blow Pops were developed by Ross Cameron, Walter Reid, and Vince Cicco in 1969. Blow Pops were the first bubble gum-filled lollipop in the world. . Blow pops come in watermelon, strawberry, cherry, grape, and sour apple flavors.

How do you enjoy your blow pop?  Are you patient enough to enjoy the candy coating before biting into the gum center? Or are you impatient and bite through the candy as soon as it is soft enough for you to do so and enjoy the mixing of gum and candy? 

Comes with a Scratch ‘N’ Sniff sticker on the label matching the scent of the slime.

Scratch ‘N’ Sniff became so popular in the 1980s that children of all ages made collecting and trading them their favorite hobby.

Were you one of the original collectors? Some of the partners here at RSC were and they wanted to share the experience with you.

There are 6 slimes per Scratch ‘N’ Sniff series. Each slime is limited-numbered and won’t be sold again so grab them before they disappear!

Please read about Warnings/Ingredients before purchasing. 


  1. Cait1130 (verified owner)

    Really fun to play with!!!

  2. Stephanie Stonecipher (verified owner)

    Cute slime with bright green jelly slime surrounding a “bubble gum” (pink slime) that makes it just like a blow pop! Smells delicious

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