Chick-O-Stick Snow Fizz Slime


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TEXTURE: Semi-Snow Fizz
SCENT: Peanut Butter, Fudge, and Coconut
COLOR: Orange

This radical snow fizz slime looks and smells like everyone’s favorite peanut butter treat. This delicious peanut butter fudge-smelling slime is filled with plastic snow and will make you crave the included Chick-O-Stick!

Nothing evokes fond memories of childhood more than candy. There are times you just hear someone say a certain candy and it brings you back to being a kid. Perhaps some of our slimes inspired by candy will remind you of the carefree days of being a kid.

Chick-O-Stick is a candy produced by the Atkinson Candy Company that has been manufactured since the 1950s. Chick-O-Stick is an orange stick of varying lengths and thickness, dusted with ground coconut.  The interior of the stick is honeycombed with peanut butter and the orange hardened syrup/sugar mixture that also forms the shell.

Please read about Warnings/Ingredients before purchasing. 

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