Chicken Little Icee Slime


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COLOR: Orange & Yellow Swirl
SIZE: 8 oz of Slime
ADD-INS: Baby Chick-Themed Sprinkles & Baby Chick Charm

Get ready for the ultimate sensory experience with our icee textured slime, featuring a spring theme, adorable baby chick sprinkles, and a charming accessory. Our high-quality slime is perfect for both kids and adults who want to experience the fun and satisfaction of stretching, pulling, and squishing. With a delightful spring theme and cute embellishments, this slime makes a great gift or addition to your collection.

RETRO Retrospect

OK, by a show of hands, how many know why colored eggs, rabbits, and baby chicks, are symbolic of Easter? And why do we give Easter baskets filled with candy? After all, isn’t Easter a religious holiday?

Perhaps you’ve never given much thought. Maybe you’ve heard stories like this…Once upon a time there was a kind rabbit who was making his way through the woods when he came upon a nest filled with eggs. He decided to keep the eggs warm while he determined what to do about them. The next morning was Easter Sunday and the eggs had hatched. The rabbit adopted the chicks and that is why the Easter rabbit is associated with eggs.

However, another tale states that the rabbit was originally created as a bird, but Ostara, (also spelled Eostre, and Eastre), the pagan goddess of morning and spring, decided to turn the bird into a rabbit. This is why the Easter Bunny is able to lay colored eggs.

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