Fang Thang Jelly Slime



SCENT: Cinnamon Candy

Fang Thang is a jelly slime that will have you smiling and showing off the included vampire teeth. We’ve also included a Firmasof™ bat charm.

Vampires and fangs go hand in hand on the big screen, television screen and Halloween costumes.  True vampire buffs say it was the 1958 British Hammer Films’, “Dracula,” starring Christopher Lee in the title role, that popularized fangs in movies.  Fangs weren’t used in earlier movies and theater as the fake fangs distorted speech for the actors.

From 1958 to 1974 Christopher Lee starred in 8 Dracula films produced by Hammer Films.  Before 1978 Halloween vampire mask were missing fangs but influenced by popularity of vampire films, fangs started appearing on mask.  One of the largest U.S. manufactures of Halloween costumes was Ben Cooper, Inc., and they started the craze of vampire fangs on mask and Halloween is a veritable festival of fake chompers.

So don’t miss out this Halloween and join in the chomper fun with the included vampire teeth and a Firmasof™ bat charm that comes with Fang Thang, a cinnamon scented jelly slime .

Please read about Warnings/Ingredients before purchasing. 


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