Frosty DIY Semifloam Slay Slime


TEXTURE: Semifloam Slay
SCENT: Candy
COLOR: White
SIZE: Large = 10 oz of slime Plus Clay Snowman

Frosty is a DIY slime.  Have fun assembling this thick, semifloam base slime by adding the melting snowman clay piece and snowflake sprinkle pack add-ins.  This slime has a great sweet candy smell.

All children understand that the first snow of the year is exciting.  But it is a magical event when it falls on the day before Christmas.  Walter E. Rollins and Steve Nelson wrote the song Frosty the Snowman in 1950.  Jimmy Durante was one of the first people to record the song in 1950.  In 1969, Durante sang the song again and narrated a special that CBS network broadcasted.

On December 7, 1969, the CBS television network aired the animated Christmas special based on the song,  Frosty the Snowman.   In the story, Karen, the little girl who helped build Frosty, is determined to keep him from melting.  She comes up with the plan to send him to the North Pole.  She decides to travel with him as long as she is home by dinner time.  Frosty realizes that although the cold is great for him, it is unhealthy for Karen.  Also, Professor Hickle is following them, desperate to retrieve his magical hat.  Of course, Santa saves the day and explains that Frosty is made of Christmas snow and will return every winter.

You can create a melted snowman to bring back the first magical snow day with our Frosty DIY slime.   Mix in the clay melted snowman and add the sprinkles.  You may not be able to dance with a live snowman if you don’t have  Professor Hickle’s magical hat, but you can still have fun building Frosty!

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