TEXTURE: Sea Scrub
SCENT: Vanilla/Cherry Blossom
COLOR: Bluish/Purple

Gidget is considered the first Hollywood surf movie because it played in real theaters and had a storyline. It hit the big screen in 1959 and was based on the 1957 book “Gidget, the Little Girl with Big Ideas” by Frederick Kohner which he based on his daughter Kathy. There wasn’t much actual surfing in Gidget, but the movie and the up-and-coming Beach Boys band gave surfing its most memorable turn in the great American youth culture parade.

In the movie, the almost 17-year-old Gidget, played by Sandra Dee,  went to the beach with her girlfriends to “manhunt” and met MoonDoggie,  played by James Darren. Although infatuated with MoonDoggie, Gidget was actually drawn to surfing more. She talks her parents into buying her a used surfboard. She returns to the beach and associates with an all-male surfer gang led by the worldly beach bum, The Big Kahuna.

The film, which received one award nomination, not only inspired various sequel films, a television series but is also considered the beginning of the entire “beach party film” genre that was popular throughout the 1960s.

It doesn’t matter if you are a channel surfer, internet surfer, or a board surfer, we hope you “catch the wave” with our Gidget slime.  Gidget is a sea scrub texture that will remind you of playing in the sand at the beach.

Please read about Warnings/Ingredients before purchasing. 

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