Happy Gnoming Slushee Bead Slime


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TEXTURE: Thick & Glossy
SCENT: Cherry Lemonade
COLOR: Yellow/Red
SIZE: 8 oz of Slime + 2.5 oz side Slime
Themed Sprinkles & Firmasof™ Sunflower Charm

This is one of the cutest slimes we have ever made. When you swirl the cherry-scented, slushie bead 2.5 oz slime onto the lemonade-scented, yellow slime base and decorate it with the sunflower/heart sprinkles and top with our Firmasof™ Sunflower charms we are sure it will put a smile on your face.

RETRO Retrospect

Gnomes have evolved in terms of their personalities from the magical, whimsical creatures of the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. By the 19th century, the image of the man with the pointed hat, rounded belly, and long white beard was commonplace, and it was further solidified by the 1937 Disney classic feature film “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.”

Nowadays you can find gnomes in gardens throughout the U.S. and other countries around the world, as well as in the spotlight in advertising campaigns for brands like “Ace Hardware” and “Travelocity.”

Please read about Warnings/Ingredients before purchasing. 

  1. kierstin davis (verified owner)

    Perfect slime, excellent texture and adorable add ins!

  2. Sxullz420 (verified owner)

    A very unique slime with a wonderful orangy scent.

  3. lovelyleo (verified owner)

    The texture was great after activating it! Very glossy and clicky. I played with the slimes separately and both are great on their own. The lemon scent gave me a bit of a headache but that might just be me personally but overall great!

  4. Myth Entz (verified owner)

    This is such a nice slime I had the mini one and I fell in love with it it has a lemon esk scent I love it so much

  5. Seneca Ulto (verified owner)

    Scent of this one is amazing and the packaging is adorable. When mixed it makes a lovely light orange color. Achieves moderate pops but nothing crazy. Makes you want to buy a garden gnome.

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