King Sammie’s Sno-cone Icee Slime


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SCENT: Blue Berry Slushie
COLOR: White to Blue
SIZE: Large = 10 oz of slime

Beat the heat with this sweet icee slime scented like a blueberry slushie. Order yours before the opportunity melts away!

Nothing says summer like a paper cone full of sweet ice shaving in your favorite flavor. This popular treat became readily available when Samuel Bert, a.k.a. King Sammie, invented his ice crushing machine that was patented in 1920. By the early 1950s, his booth at the Texas State Fair was selling about 1 million cones annually. 

Less expensive to produce than ice cream, the popularity of snowballs, well, snowballed during The Great Depression and World War II. This icy-themed treat is now popular across the world. 

Although the terms are often interchanged, a Sno-cone is made with crunchy ice, whereas a Sno-ball is created using fine, powdery snow. 

Comes with a Scratch ‘N’ Sniff sticker on the label matching the scent of the slime.

Scratch ‘N’ Sniff became so popular in the 1980s that children of all ages made collecting and trading them as their favorite hobby.

Were you one of the original collectors? Some of the partners here at RSC were and they wanted to share the experience with you.

There are 6 slimes per Scratch ‘N’ Sniff series. Each slime is limited-numbered and won’t be sold again so grab them before they disappear!

Please read about Warnings/Ingredients before purchasing. 


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  1. Natalie G (verified owner)

    Love the scent and the texture! It was so much fun to play with!!

  2. Sumofty (verified owner)

    Love it! It comes as a slightly too sticky white slime. When you add in the blue bottle of “flavoring” it looks exactly like a snow cone! Plus the flavoring makes it the perfect consistency. My daughter loved it and I find it enjoyable to play with. There’s no snow fall out and the texture and scent is great. On the initial mix of the flavoring and slime your hands do get dyed very slightly blue but it washes off just fine. No hand dying after initial mix though. Highly recommended,

  3. Debbie N (verified owner)

    This slime was so fun! It was a bit wet because of the added syrup (water) so if you don’t like wet slimes I’m not sure if you would love this. However I love wet slimes so I really enjoyed it!

  4. Rae Hefner (verified owner)

    You kind of have to put effort in for this slime to be enjoyable- It starts out pretty dry and crumbly, but that’s mostly fixed by the little bottle of blue water that it comes with. It really does look like a snow cone when you’re adding the coloring to the slime. I was surprised to see that it sort of fluffs up and drizzles like a cloud slime! I wasn’t expecting to like the scent because I’m not a big fan of blueberries, but I actually like it a lot! The slime container and the little water bottle both come with a scratch n sniff sticker too. It’s not an easy slime to just play with while you’re doing something else, as it’s still a little bit crumbly after everything, but I was very impressed with it regardless.

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