Lewes Eggnog DIY Slay Slime


SCENT: Eggnog
COLOR: White
SIZE: 4 oz Plus Clay Christmas Tree Cookie

Lewes Eggnog DIY Slay slime comes in an adorable milk jug, has a large Christmas Tree cookie clay piece, and a Christmas-themed sprinkle pack. We hope you enjoy dipping your cookie or leaving out for Santa on Christmas Eve.

One of the oldest and most famous producers of holiday Eggnog is Lewes Dairy.  This family business was started in the early 1920s by Grace and Emory Brittingham.  The business was put on hold during WWII when their sons served.  When the war was over, and the sons returned, they built and opened a factory in 1946.  In 1955, they introduced the gallon jug of milk and stopped delivering to homes.  Instead, they focused on selling to new Dairy Markets and “Mom and Pop” stores.  For over 50 years, Lewis Dairy has made and sold eggnog from Thanksgiving to Christmas. They monitor their unique recipe by taste-tested weekly to ensure it tastes the same as the first batch sold.

Many Americans have a tradition of leaving eggnog and cookies for Santa, along with other treats.  The custom began during the Great Depression of the 1930s.  Parents wanted to teach their children that it was as important to give to others and show gratitude for their gifts.

You could leave Santa Lewes Eggnog on Christmas eve, but he will probably be too busy to enjoy the slime.  Leave Santa some real cookies and milk and create this remarkable scented slime for yourself.

Please read about Warnings/Ingredients before purchasing. 

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