Monkey Business DIY Slay Slime


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TEXTURE: Jelly base | Slay
SCENT: Gain Detergent
SIZE: 8 oz Plus Clay Monkey Piece

Monkey Business DIY slay slime scent is reminiscent of Gain detergent and the clean scent of clothes hung outside to dry.  This slime has a red jelly base with a large hand-sculpted sock monkey clay piece for you to add to make the most inflating slay slime.

John Nelson patented the sock-knitting machine and begin kitting socks on an automatic machine in Rockford, Illinois.  The Nelson Knitting Company formed and created seamless socks called the “Nelson Sock.”  Other sock companies began to produce seamless socks and soon the other companies flooded the market with imitators.  Nelson Knitting Company started making red-heeled socks in 1932.  They trademarked the red heel to prevent other companies from making red-heeled socks.

During the Great Depression, American crafters started making sock monkeys out of worn-out Rockford Red Heel Socks.  Nelson Knitting Company became involved and paid anyone who had sold monkey socks dolls for their patents.  Rockford, Illinois became the “home of the sock monkey.”

You can still purchase Rockford red heel socks today to create your own sock monkey.  The red heel gives the monkeys their distinctive mouth.  Retro’s version of the sock monkey is an adorable clay money face that you add to a red jelly base slime to create a slay slime.  Monkey Business DIY slay slime will remind you of the fresh scent of clothes dried outside.

Please read about Warnings/Ingredients before purchasing. 

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