Mood Ring Iridescent Clear Slime


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TEXTURE: Iridescent Clear
SCENT: Grapefruit Glow
COLOR: Bluish-Purple Pigmented

Mood rings were invented in 1975 by two New York inventors, Josh Reynolds and Maris Ambats. However, Marvin Wernick claimed to have developed the mood rings a decade earlier.  Regardless of who invented the mood ring, they were a popular fad in the 1970s, and today mood rings and mood jewelry are still as popular as ever.

The science behind the mood rings is that the rings contain thermotropic liquid crystals inside the stone or in the band of the ring. The crystals show different colors at different temperatures. The crystals twist and this changes the molecular structure. This change alters the wavelengths of light or color that are reflected or absorbed.

It is also believed that a person’s mood is correlated with their body temperature. When a person is stressed, cold blood is directed to the internal organs and away from the skin. The mood ring may turn darker indicating stress and a colder body temperature. If a person is happier or feeling passionate, the crystal will twist in another direction and start to change color as their body temperature increases.

It is believed the different colors on a mood ring correspond to the different emotions a person is feeling. Pink indicates happiness, purple means feeling romantic, dark blue indicates the person is in a lovable mood, blue indicates the person relaxed, green for active, brown for nervous or anxious, and black indicates a cold temperature or stress.

Therefore, there is a correlation between our moods and body temperature, so to some degree, a mood ring can show our emotions.  Mood rings and mood jewelry cannot determine the exact emotional state but what they can do is provide us with a beautiful color-changing ring, a guide to our mood, and have a lot of fun deciding which ‘mood’ we are in.

So, if your mood ring is displaying brown or black shades then alter your mood with Retro’s Mood Ring slime. This tranquil blue pigmented clear-coated slime is enhanced with the relaxing scent of grapefruit. Mood Ring may start shifting your mood to shades of blue as you relax and destress. The flower-shaped Fimo slices are sure to lighten your mood and your mood ring may shift to beautiful shades of pink as your happiness increases.

Please read about Warnings/Ingredients before purchasing. 

  1. theslimegirl (verified owner)

    this one is so shiny! the weather was hot the day this one came, and it still was so thick ! im surprised it didnt melt at all. great scent, but i just wish there were a few more sprinkles or whatever they are haha

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