Neon Light Clear Putty Slime


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TEXTURE: Clear (Putty)
SCENT: Unscented
COLOR: Neon Pink & Neon Green
SIZE: 2 – 4 oz for a total of 8 oz

“Neon” lights are made from six noble gases that each have a different color. Although these gases were discovered in the 1790’s they were not used in lighting until the early 1900s and neon gas, which is the bright red-orange light caused by neon gas, took American by storm.  The name neon has stuck for sake of ease although each of the six noble gases has a different name.

Neon art began to rise in the ’30s and ’40s as a symbol of the modern age and became popular in busy cities. Andy Warhol, who entered the world of art in the late 1940s, described neon as “one of the greatest modern things.” Keith Sonner, an American Sculpturer,  reinvented sculpture in the late 1960s with his use of neon lighting and other new and unusual material.

The use of neon color has become a fun experience for all. You may enjoy looking at the bright neon lights of Las Vegas, wearing neon clothes under a black light,  coloring with bright neon-colored markers, or playing with neon slime!

Neon Light is a duo pack that comes with two 4-ounce slimes, neon pink, and neon green.  Included is one of our glow-in-the-dark Firmasof™ star charms.

The thick putty texture of Neon Light slime may just leave you “Smiling with electric faces” as the 1967 song “Neon Rainbow” by the Box Tops suggest.

Please read about Warnings/Ingredients before purchasing. 

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  1. LN (verified owner)

    the charm was really cute and sort of glowed in the dark. The textures were thick but tacky. The tackiness went away eventually. The green one smelt like cucumber melon 🙂 but the pink one didn’t smell strong (scent is probably from soap or an ingredient in the slime)

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