Punky DIY Slay Slime


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TEXTURE: Thick Base/Slay once mixed
SCENT: Buttery Waffle Base/Grape side
COLOR: Pink Base/Purple side
SIZE: 8 oz of Slime
CLAY PIECE: Waffle with 1 oz Grape-Scented Slime
ADD-INS: Sprinkles
LEVEL: Intermediate

With this color palette of purple, pink, blue, and yellow your Punky optimism will soar playing with this DIY slime. Punky will fill you with Punky Power of Punky Brewster’s colorful fashion sense and her very optimistic attitude.

RETRO Retrospect

The sitcom Punky Brewster debuted on NBC and ran for a total of four years in the 1980s.  NBC Programming Chief, Brandon Tartikoff named the spunky little girl character after one of his prep school teacher’s daughter.  The daughter, his boyhood crush, was named Peyton “Punky Brewster.”  The daughter agreed to the use of her name.  Later she appeared in an episode as a teacher.

The final episode of the second season was notable for centering on the very recent, real-life Space Shuttle Challenger disaster. Punky and her classmates watched the live coverage of the shuttle launch in Mike Fulton’s class. After the accident occurred, Punky is traumatized; her dreams of becoming an astronaut are crushed. Her teacher Mike then brings over former NASA astronaut Buzz Aldrin to visit Punky.

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