Retro Mystery Mini Slimes


Retro Mystery Mini slimes are the smallest, cutest slimes ever.  They are only 1/4 (.25) of an ounce!  They are a replica of 24 of our slimes, just in a tiny way.

They come in the same unbreakable container, same aluminum lid with our logo, slime-proof label, and safety sealed.  Some even come with add-ins already added to the slime.

Retro Mystery Mini slimes are ranked as Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

Retro Mystery Mini slimes come in a sealed colored pouch indicating their rank.  Slimes are pre-sealed so we don’t even know what is in the pouch so no request can be made and you could receive duplicates.

You have the following chance to get a Mystery Mini Slime:

  • 46% to get a Common
  • 26% to get an Uncommon
  • 18% to get a Rare
  • 8% to get an Epic
  • 2% to get a Legendary

Retro Mystery Mini Slimes are available for purchase with the purchase of at least one (1) regular size (4 oz or 8 oz) slime.  To add a mini slime to your cart you must have the other slime already added to your cart.  Limit of 5 per order.

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