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Sammie’s Snow Cone Icee Slime


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SCENT: Multiple choices
COLOR: White base
SIZE: Large = 10 oz of slime

Beat the heat with this sweet icee slime. Chose your color and scent combination before the opportunity melts away! Single comes with orange syrup scented like an orange creamsicle. The Double comes with blue and pink syrups scented like cotton candy. The Triple comes with red, yellow, and green syrups scented like cherry, lemon, and lime. 

RETRO Retrospect

Nothing says summer like a paper cone full of sweet ice shaving in your favorite flavor. This popular treat became readily available when Samuel Bert, a.k.a. King Sammie, invented his ice crushing machine that was patented in 1920. By the early 1950s, his booth at the Texas State Fair was selling about 1 million cones annually. 

Less expensive to produce than ice cream, the popularity of snowballs, well, snowballed during The Great Depression and World War II. This icy-themed treat is now popular across the world. 

Although the terms are often interchanged, a Sno-cone is made with crunchy ice, whereas a Sno-ball is created using fine, powdery snow. 

Please read about Warnings/Ingredients before purchasing. 

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