Sanna’s Hot Chocolate Thick & Glossy Slime


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TEXTURE: Thick & Glossy
SCENT: Hot Chocolate
COLOR: Rich Brown

In the 1950s Charles Sanna and his family company, Sanna Dairy Engineers, had a problem.  They had been supplying powdered creamer during the Korean War to the military, but they had overproduced and needed a way to use the surplus creamer.  Charles Sanna came up with a delicious idea, hot chocolate.  He used his own children and local students as taste testers to perfect the hot, rich chocolatey drink.  His hot chocolate was sold in grocery stores in 1961 and was the first hot chocolate that could be made with water instead of milk.  It is was called Swiss Miss and is credited with launching America’s instant chocolate industry.

Mr. Sanna enjoyed Swiss Miss until his death at the age of 101.  He was pleased that he had created a product that would “carry on”.  Thank you Charles Sanna for your dedication to the perfect hot chocolate!

No matter if you like it plain, with a dash of cinnamon or a handful of marshmallows our thick hot chocolate slime will warm you up with its enriched scent of hot chocolate and its 6 Firmasof marshmallow charms.

Fun Fact:  It’s not “marshmellow,” but “marshmallow.” because it was originally made from the root of a mallow plant that grew in marshes.

Firmasof™ are our handmade charms that are silicone-based and flexible, so they won’t hurt your hands when added to slime.

Please read about Warnings/Ingredients before purchasing. 

  1. Jmworley (verified owner)

    The scent and texture is magnificent! My only complaint was that the marshmallow charms fall out quite easily but the scent is worth it!

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