Sugar Pillow Mint


SKU: 653466240086

TEXTURE: Microfloam
SCENT: Buttery Mint
COLOR: Blue & Yellow (may mix during transit)

This epic microfloam is packed full of micro-foam and smells just like everyone’s favorite delicious sweet, buttery mints. Mix the beautiful pastel yellow and blue to create a darling mint green.

Please read about Warnings/Ingredients before purchasing. 

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  1. Adrena D. (verified owner)

    This was my second time ordering from RSC and I still can’t get over how professional the packaging is. From the box the slime arrives in to the slime labels I just absolutely love how everything looks. My order did take quite a while to arrive but the quality of the slimes are worth the wait.
    This Sugar Pillow Mint slime smells so good! I was surprised at how much it smells exactly like the real thing. Unfortunately my slime did arrive slightly melted and with the colors already mixed so I didn’t get to enjoy the fun of mixing them, but it turns into such a pretty mint green color and it’s one of my favorite colors. I just added a bit of the included fixer activator and it was perfect. They weren’t kidding when they said this slime is packed full of micro foam beads. There is practically zero bead fallout too. This was one of my favorite textures from my entire order. It’s a somewhat holdable floam slime. It’s stretchy, crunchy, great for poking and makes great bubble pops too. I only wish it was part of the candy shop collection so that a mint could have been included. I’m going to have to go out and buy myself some mints now because this slime made me crave some. Lol.

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