Sweet Watermelon


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The sweet scent of delicious watermelon will bring you back to the warm days of summer. This bodacious cloud cream slime is speckled with epic glitter is sure to cool you down.

Comes with a Scratch ‘N’ Sniff sticker on the label matching the scent of the slime.

Scratch ‘N’ Sniff became so popular in the 1980s that children of all ages made collecting and trading them their favorite hobby.

Were you one of the original collectors? Some of the partners here at RSC were and they wanted to share the experience with you.

There are 6 slimes per each Scratch ‘N’ Sniff series. Each slime is limited-numbered and won’t be sold again so grab them before they disappear!

Texture: Cloud Cream
Color: Green clay on bottom | Pink Cloud on top – mixes to tan
Scent: Watermelon
Size: 4 or 8 oz.


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