Texas Pecan Pie Filling



SCENT: Pecan Pie
COLOR: Brown

The state tree of Texas is the pecan tree and RSC has three generations of native Texans who contribute to the company, so we decided to honor the Lone Star state with a Texas Pecan Pie Filling slime.  Pecan pie recipes appeared in many cookbooks in the late 19th century but it wasn’t until the mid-1920s that pecan pies surged in popularity.  This increased love for pecan pies began when the manufacturer of Karo syrup began printing a recipe for pecan pie on cans of Karo syrup which is still used in most recipes to this day.  Let’s have a cheer for Texas for growing pecans as you enjoy this pecan pie scented slime that comes in the most adorable can (plastic) topped with three (3) Firmasof™ pecan nut halves. Please note that our cans are not airtight once unsealed.  

Our Firmasof™ charms are handcrafted, silicone-based, and flexible, so they won’t hurt your hands when added to slime.

Please read about Warnings/Ingredients before purchasing. 

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