The Kiss Butter Slime


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SCENT: Chocolate-covered Cherries

The Kiss is a butter slime scented like chocolate-covered cherries and sprinkles featuring multi-color lips shapes, sprinkles, and pearls.  This slime is a tribute to one of the most iconic kisses in America.

Alfred Eisenstaedt captured the iconic photo of a couple kissing in Times Square when Americans were celebrating  “V-J Day in New York Times Square on August 14, 1945.  A Navy sailor is embracing and kissing an unknown woman in a white uniform.

From The Eye of Eisenstaedt:

I was walking through the crowds on V-J Day, looking for pictures. I noticed a sailor coming my way. He was grabbing every female he could find and kissing them all — young girls and old ladies alike. Then I noticed the nurse, standing in that enormous crowd. I focused on her, and just as I’d hoped, the sailor came along, grabbed the nurse, and bent down to kiss her. Now if this girl hadn’t been a nurse, if she’d been dressed in dark clothes, I wouldn’t have had a picture. The contrast between her white dress and the sailor’s dark uniform gives the photograph its extra impact.  After many years, George Mendonsa and Greta Friedman, were determined to be the most likely subjects of the photograph.

Celebrate the joy of love with The Kiss while you top your slime with the sprinkle add-ins and Lip Firmasof™ charm.

Eisenstaedt, Alfred; Goldsmith, Arthur A. (1969). The eye of Eisenstaedt. Viking Press. p. 56. ISBN 9780670302987.

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