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SCENT: Fruity Pebbles

Tracks is a Hot Wheels inspired thick and glossy slime that will have you racing to the finish line with its fruity pebbles scent, two Firmasof™ tire charms, and colorful sprinkle pack.

Elliot Handler, one of the co-owners of Mattel, along with Jack Ryan, created the original Hot Wheels.  Mattel made Hot Wheels toy cars to compete with Matchbox cars.  In addition, Handler’s idea was to design the Hot Wheels to be like real-life “hot rods” with big wheels and superchargers. Mattel released the first set of Hot Wheels in 1968, and they became known as The Original Sweet 16.  Children were delighted when Mattel produced a racing track set existing of bright orange road sections designed to build circular racetracks. The track had battery-powered faux service stations with spinning wheels that propelled the cars along the way.  So, the Hot Wheel wide, hard-plastic tires created less friction and moved smoothly along the track. The racetracks evolved over the years. Therefore, children could build complicated track designs for racing and daredevil stunts!

You will make tracks and leave all the others behind with Tracks, a thick and glossy slime. The sweet fruity pebbles scent, colorful sprinkle pack, and two Firmasof™ tire charms will put you in the winner’s circle!

Please read about Warnings/Ingredients before purchasing. 

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