Zingibar Man DIY Snow Fizz Slushee Slay Slime


TEXTURE: Slay/Snow Fizz
SCENT: Gingerbread
COLOR: Brown
SIZE: 10.5 oz Plus 2 Clay Gingerbread Men

Zingibar, our gingerbread man slime has everything you have ever wanted in a slime. It’s a DIY, has crunchy ASMR, and has an amazing scent. You can even assemble your slime twice by adding only one of the gingerbread men at a time since they come stored separately.  Add some icing from the 2.5 side slime and sprinkle toppings to make this the cutest Christmas-themed slime out there!

Our inspiration for this slime can from all the fun for the holidays that usually includes cutting out cookies, baking cookies, decorating cookies, and, best of all, eating cookies! The family tradition of cutting out various shapes of cookies became safer for children in the 1950s when plastic cookie cutters became popular. Hallmark introduced their first set of cookie cutters in 1971. Their cookie cutters were brightly colored plastic, and there was an incredible variety to choose from, including a wide assortment of holiday designs.

One of the favorite designs of the holiday season is gingerbread cookies.  The word gingerbread is derived from the Latin word Zingibar.  Since the fifteenth century, a cake flavored with ginger and treacle (a type of British syrup) became known as gingerbread.  Cutting out gingerbread man cookies and decorating is a fun family tradition, and there is always seems to be one member in the family that breaks off a leg or arm. Naturally, the baker must immediately eat the “messed up” cookie!

Design your holiday magic with Zingibar Man DIY slime!

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