Anti-Fraud & BullyingRetro Slime Company

Hey Neighbors! Welcome to the Retro Slime Company Block Party!

Here at RSC, we’re more than just a blast from the past ā€“ we’re a groovy neighborhood where respect and good vibes reign supreme. We always want to make sure everyone feels at home, but like any good ’80s sitcom, there are some house rules we’ve gotta stick to.
As we pop in our mixtapes and dance the night away, here’s what we’re all agreeing to:

1. Good Vibes Only

Remember, harsh words or put-downs aren’t our jam. We’re all for heart-to-hearts, just keep it neighborly and kind.

2. Give Our Crew Space

Every member of our Neighbor Care Team is here to help, but they deserve their own backyard BBQ time too. Harassment or peeking over their metaphorical fences? Not in our neighborhood.

3. Fair Trade at the Lemonade Stand

Got some change issues at our virtual lemonade stand? No worries, Neighbor! Reach out, and we’ll sort it. But pulling sneaky tricks with chargebacks or using another Neighbor’s card info? That’s a ticket out of our block party.

4. Sharing Stories on the Porch

Got opinions on the best ’80s hair band? Share away! But remember, threats or spreading tall tales about the Retro Slime Company on the virtual grapevine is not neighborly. Let’s make our online chats as fun as our block parties!

5. Honest Reviews from Next Door

We value porch-side chats and genuine feedback. If you’re going to leave a review, make it as authentic as grandma’s apple pie.

6. Mailbox Security

Your details with us are as sacred as the letters in our neighborhood mailbox. Trying to tamper with that? Well, that’s just not the neighborly way.
Got a snag in your garden or just wanna chat? Reach out to our Neighbor Care Team at
Now, if anyone doesn’t jam by these guidelines, we might have to take a rain check on our neighborly bond. Sometimes, if things get real out of tune, we might even have to call in the (legal) neighborhood watch.
Through every retro season, we aim for a harmonious, next-door vibe with all our Neighbors. We’re always around for a chat and are geared up to sort out any hitches, ensuring everyone gets a slice of the community pie.
For more on what makes our neighborhood tick, check out our [Terms & Conditions] and [Privacy Policy]. Curious cats can hit up our Neighbor Care Team at with more questions.
Note: Just like fashion, our neighborhood guidelines might get a fresh coat of paint now and then. Stay tuned!