FAQRetro Slime Company

Your Retro Slime Guide to Everything! 🎸

Hey! How much is it to ship my rad purchase?

No worries! We ship globally to most groovy spots on the planet. Once you’re done shopping, head to checkout to see what the postage will set you back. Going international? Customs fees can sometimes be a buzzkill and are all on the buyer, dude.

Can I stack up those funky coupons?

Most times, yeah! But occasionally, some of our groovy discount tunes don’t play well together. Give it a whirl on the cart or checkout page, drop those coupon codes, and see if the system lets you double down.

What’s in the retro loot box when I order?

With every slime order, you’ll be unboxing our gnarly Retro Mailer, complete with The Fixers™, a cool Retro Overflow container, a wicked Retro magnet, and a blast-from-the-past greeting postcard. And heads up! If you’ve got a few orders within our processing window headed to the same crib, we might bundle ’em up.

How soon before my order hops on the time-traveling train?

Hang tight! We get things rolling within 3-5 working days (Monday to Friday). Once we’ve got everything packed and ready, it’s shipped out the next day using the swiftest courier – could be USPS, UPS, or one of those international jet-setters. And just so you know, the day after you click ‘Order’, that’s when we start the countdown.

How can I keep tabs on my order?

Once we’ve got your package ready for its journey, we’ll zap over an email with all the tracking deets. And if you were logged in when you snagged your stuff, just peek at your order status for the 411.

Bummer! What if my package or item shows up like a scratched record?

Total drag, right? Shoot us a message, and our crew will sort it out, whether that’s sending out a replacement or hooking you up with store credit.

Whoops! Wrong shipping address! Now what?

All good, happens to the best of us! As long as your goodies haven’t left the building, ping over the right address and your order number to the Neighbor Care Team at contact@retroslimecompany.com.

Changed my mind! Can I hit rewind on my order?

Absolutely, but make it snappy! You’ve got a 3-hour window to cancel. Reach out via our contact form or drop a line to the Neighbor Care Team at contact@retroslimecompany.com.

Diggin’ the slime, but what if I need to return or exchange?

Here’s the lowdown: Once you’ve got your hands on our slime, it’s yours for keeps. Due to the nature of slime (it’s kinda like that mixtape that loses its magic over time) and for hygiene reasons, no returns – even if you haven’t popped the seal.

How ’bout those slime supplies? Gotcha covered!

If you need to ship back any slime supplies within 14 days of getting ’em, send them to Retro Slime Company, PO Box 472, Dawsonville, GA 30534, and we’ll process a full refund, including your shipping bucks.

Hope this gets everyone groovin’ with the retro feel! 📼🎶