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Retro Mystery Mini slimes are the smallest, cutest slimes ever.  They are only 1/4 (.25) of an ounce!  They are a replica of 24 of our slimes, just in a tiny way.

They come in the same unbreakable container, same aluminum lid with our logo, slime-proof label, and safety sealed.  Some even come with add-ins already added to the slime.

Retro Mystery Mini slimes are ranked as Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

Retro Mystery Mini slimes come in a sealed colored pouch indicating their rank.  Slimes are pre-sealed so we don’t even know what is in the pouch so no request can be made and you could receive duplicates.

Retro Mystery Mini Slimes are available for purchase with the purchase of at least one (1) regular size (4 oz or 8 oz) slime.  To add a mini slime to your cart you must have the other slime already added to your cart.  Limit of 5 per order.

You have the following chance to get a Mystery Mini Slime:

  • 46% to get a Common
  • 26% to get an Uncommon
  • 18% to get a Rare
  • 8% to get an Epic
  • 2% to get a Legendary