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Retro Mystery – Series 2 PLUS Easter Mini Slimes


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Retro Mystery Mini slimes are the smallest, cutest slimes ever.  They are only 1/2 of an ounce! Sold individually.

They come in the same unbreakable container, aluminum lid with our logo, and slime-proof label. Some even come with add-ins already added to the slime.

Retro Mystery Mini slimes are ranked as Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

Retro Mystery Mini slimes typically come in a sealed colored pouch indicating their rank EXCEPT for a few weeks leading up to Easter. We have added 5 Easter-themed mini slimes to the current collection and all mini slimes, including the normal 24, come in colored plastic eggs! They are the cutest gift for baskets! 

*You may receive duplicates since we just grab the already-packaged eggs.

You have the following chance to get a Mystery Mini Slime:

  • 46% to get a Common 
  • 26% to get an Uncommon
  • 18% to get a Rare
  • 8% to get an Epic
  • 2% to get a Legendary

Series 2 List:

Woopsie Daisy
Chuck Taylor
Happy Gnoming

Key To My Heart
Golf Tea
Sanna’s Hot Chocolate
Home Team

Splish Splash
The Gang’s All Here
Say Anthing…

Living Dead
Banana Foster
Downey’s Honey Butter

Mood Ring
Hurricane Party
Don’t Worry, Dip Happy
Watermelon Smash


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