SCENT: Vine-ripe tomatoes
COLOR: Orange

SpaghettiOs were invented in 1965 by a man named Donald Goerke who was challenged to come up with a pasta dish that kids could eat easily with a spoon. He tried all sorts of shapes before deciding on the O and so he became the DaddyO of SpaghettiOs.

Try our version of SpaghettiOs today in our “tin” plastic can!  Please note that our cans are not airtight once unsealed.  

Please read about Warnings/Ingredients before purchasing. 

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  1. Barbara (verified owner)

    I saw this slime on Retro’s site and really, what the heck were those Os? I purchased it to find out because the pictures looked just like SpaghettiOs. The scent and color of this slime is on spot. I loved playing with it and the pops and stretches were great! It inflates to a lighter color like most jelly slimes. The Os actually stretched and changed shapes. I believe I figured out what they are but not telling secrets so I would recommend that you try it yourself! And since this is one of their Retro Can Goods that don’t seal air tight, I just covered the top of the container with plastic wrap, snap the lid on and then stored it in a sandwich bag! I have had this slime for about 4 months and for a jelly I am amazed at how well it holds up. I just add a little activator, which they send along with softener in each order, and it is perfect again. Barbara B.

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