Chérie Thick & Glossy Slime


SKU: 00810127950436

TEXTURE: Thick & Glossy
SCENT: Cherry Cheesecake
COLOR: Swirls to Pink
SIZE: 8 oz of Slime + 2.5 oz of Cherry Slime
Sprinkle Jewels & Cherry Charm

In France, Chérie is a term of endearment for a child or a loved one.  And who doesn’t love cherry cheesecake!  This wonderful slime comes with a 10-ounce cheesecake-scented base with a 2.5-ounce cherry-scented topping slime.

RETRO Retrospect

Different forms of cheesecake have been around since Roman times.  Arnold Reuben, the famed restaurant owner of Ruben’s and The Turf, in New York,  is credited with creating the cheesecake in the 1920s.  Junior’s restaurant opened in Brooklyn in the 1950s and is one of the kings among New York cheesecake makers ever since.  Both restaurants’ desire to create quality products has inspired us to create our own cherry cheesecake slime.

Please read about Warnings/Ingredients before purchasing. 

  1. Rachel (verified owner)

    This is my favorite slime I’ve tried. Smells like cherries. I don’t really smell cheesecake. You’ll definitely need an extra container for when it’s mixed.

  2. Sxullz420 (verified owner)

    Anytime I open this slime, my entire room smells like cherries– love it!!
    So thick & clicky

  3. Myth Entz (verified owner)

    Absolutely beautiful gorgeous thick texture and wonderful scent and when mixed together it’s this gorgeous pink

  4. Tommy (verified owner)

    Inflates like crazy, thickest slime ever, best scent – PLEASE GET IT!

  5. Jmworley (verified owner)

    My only complaint it’s not my favorite version of a cheesecake scent; however everything else is more than perfect! Super inflating and fun to mix together!

  6. Christine Townsend (verified owner)

    Such a fantastic, thick and amazing bubble pops. This has been a go to slime for a couple of months now.

  7. Charlotte (verified owner)

    Loveee this slime!!!! The base and cherry topping are fun to play with by themselves, but even more fun to mix together! The end result is a pretty reddish pink color with an irresistible cherry scent! The texture is super glossy and clicky. SOOOO MUCH FUN TO PLAY WITH! I would definitely recommend this slime!

  8. yo_its bob (verified owner)

    This is one of the best slimes I’ve ever felt! It’s super thick while being very stretchy and has amazing bubble pops. Also, I loved the containers and the scent. 🙂

  9. Kim Jackson (verified owner)

    WOW !! This was my initial reaction to this slime. The texture is so thick so creamy so wonderful. You get so much slime for your money. It mixes into a fantastic texture which gives really good bubble pops. Highly highly recommend this one

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