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Retro Fruit Cocktail Jelly Cube Slime


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TEXTURE: Jelly Cube
SCENT: Fruit Cocktail
COLOR: Clear

Retro Fruit Cocktail is a jelly cube slime that smells just like fruit cocktail. Our Retro Goods all come in the most adorable can (plastic).  A Retro Goods Slime is a must-have item for any slime pantry.

Fruit cocktail is a triumph of turn-of-the-century marketing and food technology.  A consortium of California canning companies developed the canned fruit cocktail.  The consortium was Del Monte.  The company was looking for a way to use damaged fruit.  Their solution was brilliant.  As a result, Americans were offered bits and pieces of damaged fruit in a new canned fruit product.  Del Monte’s Fruit Cocktail was a success.

Americans relished the new canned product.  In fact, fruit cocktail was one of the most popular products Del Monte produced from 1941 to 1999.  American children and adults both enjoy the mix of pears, grapes, cherries, peaches, and pineapples.  The USDA stipulates that canned fruit cocktail must contain certain percentages of each fruit.  American consumers will argue that there were never enough grapes or cherries in the fruit mixture.  Therefore, Retro has included a grape and a cherry Firmasof ™ charm to help resolve the issue!

In an era marked by the advent of home economics, good housekeeping, and “boomer” babies, canned products became the housewife’s best friends.  Not only were canned goods more cost-effective, but more convenient as well.  A variety of nutritious ingredients were at her fingertips when preparing meals for her family.  A housewife would open a chilled can of fruit cocktail as a quick and satisfying dessert.

Stock your pantry today with slime from the Retro Goods Slime Series.  Fruit Cocktail Jelly Cube Slime has a delicious fruit cocktail scent.  The slime has a generous amount of jelly cubes for squishing to create amazing pops.  Add in the included Firmosof™ grape and cherry charm to increase your fun.

Please read about Warnings/Ingredients before purchasing. 

Plastic cans are not air-tight after opening.

  1. Itz_Bree (verified owner)

    I loved squishing the cubes in the slime! This was a favorite for me, but I was kinda confused with the scent. It actually looked like a fruit cocktail! 🙂 8/10

  2. Lynessa Wofford (verified owner)

    Super cute and smells very nice. loved the texture!

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