Carmelite Macaron DIY Slay Slime


SKU: 00810127950429

TEXTURE: Thick & Glossy
SCENT: Almond Macaron
COLOR: White/Pink
SIZE: 8 oz of Slime
CLAY PIECE: 2 Piece Macaron + 2.5 oz of Cream Slime
ADD-INS: Themed Sprinkles & Macaron Charm
LEVEL: Intermediate

If you like DIY slimes, this is the one to buy.  Start your experience by playing with the thick and glossy white base.  The scent alone will encourage you to assemble your macaron.  The clay macaron comes with two clay pieces and a thick slay whipped slime to hold the pieces together.  Add that little extra sparkle by topping your slime with the sprinkle add-ins.

*Note you can store your leftover sprinkles inside your macaron charm container. 1 random-colored macaron container comes with each purchase.

RETRO Retrospect

Macarons have a long history.  In 1792, two Carmelite nuns in Nancy, who became known as the Macaron Sisters, baked and sold the sweets to survive during the French Revolution.  In 1952, the pair was honored by renaming the spot where they produced the macarons after them.

Please read about Warnings/Ingredients before purchasing. 

  1. kellicos (verified owner)

    Loved this! The clay pieces were so pretty with their glitters! The base was great by itself but with the clay mixed in it became a beautiful light pink color, very smooth and buttery. The only complaint I would have is that the crystal beads in the add-ins tend to escape the slime, but I can’t even really complain too much because the crystal beads are so pretty I don’t mind chasing them down from time to time. The scent is delicious almonds and the end result flows and looks just like frosting!

  2. bitterblue (verified owner)

    Absolutely incredible slime! The smell is perfect – sweet but not overwhelming, and the texture is so smooth, creamy, and thick once mixed. The macarons arrived perfectly pretty and it all looked and felt so satisfying putting it together and mixing it. Highly recommend for beginners.

  3. Kaylee Durfee (verified owner)

    Highly recommend this slime the texture the clay the smell! All just top tier. I wish there was a bigger overflow cup for the amount left over I had to throw some away

  4. Seneca Ulto (verified owner)

    This slime scent is one of my favorites. You end up with soo much slime I have it in 3 containers it inflates so much. Feels more like a butter slime to me which I prefer anyways. Grab this one for sure

  5. Desiree MacDonald (verified owner)

    One of my first slimes ! ( I know I’m late to the trend) This was amazing. I spent days just playing with the base before assembling it. The base is so smooth and smells like delicious almonds. I delayed putting it together partially because the clay pieces were so pretty and I felt bad about assembling it then squishing it. But when I did…oh wow! The texture got even better ! Still smooth but even more creamy and less sticky. It also almost doubled in size! The macaron charm is super cute as well. I loved all the extras it came with, the softener and activator are especially useful for a slime newbie. The retro aesthetic is unique and the packaging on everything is just…”chef’s kiss”. I also love the additional information about the origins of the macaron. Definitely will purchase from you guys again but how am I going to decide what to try next?!

  6. Denise Power (verified owner)

    Got this slime in my second order from this shop and it was as fantastic as the ones I got before, my base was slightly melted cause we are having a heat wave but the activator fixed it right up , love that I get fixers with my order , this DIY was so fun to put together and mix together , it smells amazing and I loved the pretty color it turns when mixed , highly recommend this slime !.

  7. Nat (verified owner)

    This slime is amazing!! The scent is perfection! Get it now!

  8. Angel (verified owner)

    This is the best slime I’ve ever had. The textures of the clay and thick and glossy slime combined really made the slime even more soft. Would highly recommend!!❤️

  9. Angelyn Davis (verified owner)

    This slime is amazing! The clay pieces to mix in are beautiful and absolutely giant! When you make the macaron and mix it all together, it creates so much slime-he value for the amount of slime that you get it considerably better than any other company, and the quality will blow your mind. The fragrance is absolutely mouthwatering, exactly like a sweet almond cookie. The slime ends up being sooooo silky smooth and easy to stretch and inflate. I am in love with the little macaron charm that came with it (I got pink!) and the sprinkles have beautiful tiny diamonds included. If you are looking for a delicious, princessy slime, this is the one to get

  10. Potato Chip (verified owner)

    Awesome slime! The base was great, similar to Kerley Pudding. The clay pieces arrived super soft and the clay slime for the creme part of the macaron was great too. Assembly was so fun, as well as mixing it all together! I loved the super cute add-ins and macaron container/charm. The only thing I didn’t love about this slime was the scent. It smelled to me like maraschino cherries, which isn’t a scent I’m super fond of. The end texture was a fluffy, semi-dense, spreadable, buttery slime. I would say that the end texture is more of a butter slime rather than a slay slime. It ended up being about 16-18 ounces of slime. Great quality!

  11. ErinS (verified owner)

    Macarons are so cool looking so I had to get this slime. The clay pieces were shipped in 1 container but divided by a smaller container that sits on top so I got to assemble the cookie with the side of clay they send with it. It was a huge masterpiece when I was done. It also comes with a retro tv bag with a bunch of sprinkles. The only other slime company I know that sends as many sprinkles is Kawaii Slime Co. so you won’t be disappointed when you order from Retro. When all mixed together this slime is like a 16 oz slime. So worth the money.

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