Lemon Bar Bliss DIY Snow Fizz Slime


SKU: 00810127951174

TEXTURE: Snow Fizz
SCENT: Lemon Bar
COLOR: Yellow
SIZE: 8 oz of Slime
ADD-INS: Themed Sprinkles & Firmasof™ Lemon Charm
LEVEL: Intermediate

Lemon Bar Bliss DIY snow fizz slime is a creamy snow fizz slime with a clay piece add-in.  It has a rich yellow color and a luscious lemon bar scent.  You can top your slime with the included sprinkle pack and lemon-scented Firmasof™ lemon charm.

RETRO Retrospect

Members of the RSC family lived on an Air Force base for five years during the 1970s, and the Bliss family were neighbors.  Mrs. Bliss was an excellent baker, and fortunately for us, she often shared her home-baked goods.

One of our favorite desserts was her delicious lemon bars.  Therefore, we crafted and named  Lemon Bar Bliss Slime as a tribute to Mrs. Bliss.  Thank you, neighbor, for sharing your treats and giving us a fabulous inspiration for a slime.

Lemon Bar Bliss DIY snow fizz slime is a creamy snow fizz slime with a clay piece add-in that looks just like Mrs. Bliss’s lemon bars.  It has a rich yellow color and a luscious lemon bar scent.  You can create your own inflating, crunchy slime masterpiece using the clay piece, sprinkle pack, and topping your slime off with the lemon-scented Firmasof™ lemon charm.

Please read about Warnings/Ingredients before purchasing. 

  1. hleia (verified owner)

    This slime is excellent in every way! The clay piece is huge and so much fun to mix in! The snow fizz base is great to begin with and gets even better after everything is combined! The scent of both the slime and the lemon charm are both great. The packaging was so fun, also. I highly recommend this slime!

  2. bella corvi (verified owner)

    I liked it! It smelled good and had no fallout 🙂

  3. Artsy_Hands (verified owner)

    it’s really hard to have 1 or 2 favorites from this slime shop…i have really enjoyed playing w/ ALL of the slimes i’ve gotten from Retro. i love mostly anything lemon food & smell. i also enjoy snow fizz slime immensely b/c of how fun it is to stretch & work out the hands & forearms. DIY is also fun to play with separately and mix together~ the nice thing about Retro’s slimes is that the scent doesn’t hit you in the face once you open the jar. it’s not overwhelming but quite pleasant. and the lemon charm that i got wasn’t over-scented at all. overall, this is a slime that i would DEFINITELY be buying again, as long as they don’t run out or retire it ;^)

  4. Natalie G (verified owner)

    Love lemon! This slime smelled so good and the texture was great! It was so much fun to play with and stretch. I was slightly disappointed the clay piece didn’t look like the one in the pictures, it was still so much fun to mix in!!

  5. letsgokathryn (verified owner)

    The name lemon bar bliss is on point. This slime smells absolutely amazing It feels like a rice crispy treat and some of that old school pull apart foam from the 90s and crackles quite a bit. My only complaint was the lemon that came with it really detracted from the over smell of it. The rubber lemon smells very strong and not in a good way, but luckily you don’t mix it in, so I suppose it’s no big deal. When fully mixed you end up with almost double the amount of slime you started with. A great value.

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