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SCENT: Chocolate Chip Cookies
COLOR: White | Tan
SIZE: 4 oz base – turns into 6-7 oz once clay cookies added

Who doesn’t like chocolate chip cookies and milk! This DIY slime comes with a 4 oz chocolate chip cookie scented slime in an adorable milk container with 3 clay pieces with multiple Firmasof™ chocolate chip pieces for you to add in to make a creamy chocolate chip cookie dough slime.

Did you know the chocolate chip cookie was made by mistake in 1930 by Ruth Graves Wakefield?  Ruth and her husband, Kenneth, were running the Toll House Inn and one evening Ruth decided to whip up a batch of Chocolate Butter Drop Do cookies and realized she was out of baker’s chocolate so she chopped up a block of Nestlé semi-sweet chocolate and the chocolate chip cookie was born. Thank goodness for Mrs. Wakefield!

Please read about Warnings/Ingredients before purchasing. 

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  1. Tabetha (verified owner)

    One of the best DIY experiences I’ve had. Everything came packaged beautifully. Super fast shipping, and when it arrived the “cookies” were still quite moist feeling. Not dried out at all. Highly recommended 🙂

  2. Adrena D. (verified owner)

    First of all I have to say this company has amazing customer service! There was an issue with shipping my order and they were super friendly and great about fixing the issue and getting the slime to me. The packaging the slime comes in is super cute and retro. Everything was packed so well with a professional looking plastic seal on all of the slimes too. There wasn’t any damage to the slime jars and no leaking of slime either. The little extras they included were a great touch too. I can tell there was a lot of thought that went into everything.

    Wakefield is probably one of my favorite DIY slimes I’ve ever played with. The idea is super cute and I feel it was executed perfectly. I ordered 3 slimes and this one was definitely the most adorable of the 3. Although the weather has been really hot here lately all of the slimes arrived perfect and were not melted or sticky at all. The clay cookies were packaged very well and they weren’t dried out. The scent of the cookies wasn’t my favorite but I don’t usually care for artificial chocolate scents, so that’s just a personal preference. It’s not a super overwhelming scent so I don’t mind. The “milk” came packaged in an adorable little milk jar and I just love how realistic everything looked. The milk had a very light scent and when mixed with the cookies actually helped to lessen the artificial chocolate smell that I personally just don’t really like. The texture of the milk before mixing it with the cookies was a thick holdable slime. It felt slightly stiff. Once adding in the clay cookies it turns into a super creamy, stretchy and spreadable slime. The soft chocolate chip add ins make the slime look even more realistic. They don’t stick to the slime so they did tend to fall out quite a bit though. This was a super inflatable slime. I had to put half of it in a separate container when I was done playing with it. The fact they include a free overflow container is really thoughtful. I don’t think I’ve received that with any other company, although I did have to use another separate container for my other slimes I had because all 3 of the slimes I purchased ended up inflating so much that they wouldn’t fit back into thier containers. I would definitely recommend this slime and this company and look forward to purchasing more slime from them in the future.

  3. Shikkachi (verified owner)

    Wonderful slime, wasn’t my favorite of the 8 I ordered, but I am more partial to slimes that give bubble pops and crunches but I wanted to give it a shot because it’s just so adorable. The chocolate chips do sometimes fall out, but it’s not a big deal.

  4. Lisa Gonzalez (verified owner)

    I was excitedly waiting for this to arrive! And it did not disappoint! Retro Slime Co. really goes all out on the detail and aesthetic, and I live for it. Everything was concealed and packaged so well! Very professional.
    The milk container for the milk slime and the cookie container are both super cute. The milk slime comes off sticky at first, put once mixed with the cookie pieces it becomes a perfect proportion for it to become a great slay slime.
    The scent is very very faint, I had to sniff very close to smell anything xD but that’s no problem for me. Its an artificial cookie/chocolate scent, which I thought I wasn’t going to like but honestly, I kinda like it!
    When mixed, a tiny amount of the clay were a bit hard and couldn’t mix well with the slime, the slime did tear time to time, but nothing that bad. The chocolate chips too fall out a bit, but not frequent.
    Overall, I still had alotta fun with it and it is so cute! I really recommend it!! I love this slime, and this shop too. They are so creative and create high quality slimes! I will definitely buy more in the future.

  5. kate_ (verified owner)

    I loved this slime! The white base was super thick and glossy and it came in the cutest realistic milk jar. The cookies were adorable and they clay had not hardened at all! Once mixing the two together the slime was the perfect slay slime texture! The idea of this slime it very cute! The slime scent reminded me of the Hershey’s Chocolate factory in Pennsylvania! I would recommend this slime!!

  6. TaffyMocha (verified owner)

    This was my second time technically ordering from RSC (I lost my other account but the backstory isn’t necessary), and i got 7 slimes including 3 mini slimes. I also got 2 mini slimes and a 4oz for a cousin. I was quite happy with my order, although some slimes arrived melted.

    I loved Wakefield! The base (as I mentioned in my Avondale Waffle review) wasn’t super stretchy, and it kind of ripped if I stretched at any speed other than pretty slow. The cookies were also smaller than in the pictures, but I love DIY clay slimes. so once it mixed in, it was so amazing! The clay was SO soft, and I loved mixing it in! I totally recommend this to anyone who loves DIY clay slimes!

  7. Charlotte (verified owner)

    The milk & cookies theme is super creative!! Such cute packaging! The clay cookies were super soft and not dried out at all. It was so fun mixing together! The end result is a super holdable, clay-heavy slime.
    My only minor complaints would be that the chocolate chips do fall out quite a bit. The smell is definitely an artificial cookie smell, but I do not mind it. Overall this was a great diy slime experience!

  8. Tommy (verified owner)


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