Let’s Go To The Movies – Slime Trio Set


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TEXTURE: Semifloam, Snow Fizz, Icee
SCENT: Popcorn, Sour Candy, Coke
SIZE: 24 oz of Slime (3 – 8 oz slimes)
LEVEL: Intermediate

This slime trio comes packaged in a movie-themed box, a true cinematic masterpiece that will take you on a sensory journey back to the good old days of movie nights, popcorn, and unforgettable experiences.

Popcorn Premiere Semifloam Slime – This popcorn-scented slime will transport you to the movie theater with its realistic popcorn aroma. Comes with the cutest popcorn-themed charms and sprinkle pack.

Sour Candy Chaos Snow Fizz Slime – This sour patch kids-scented slime brings back memories of munching on your favorite candy while watching a film. A vibrant mix of colors, just like the actual candy, and even our Firmasof™ sour candy kid-shaped charms and sprinkle pack for added fun.

Soda Fountain Icee – This coke-scented icee slime is reminiscent of the classic frozen drink from the concession stand. Top yours with the miniature coke charm, ice cubes, sprinkle pack, and straw.

Why settle for ordinary slime when you can indulge in a sensory extravaganza that will transport you back to the magic of the movies? This set is a MUST-HAVE for every slime enthusiast!

RETRO Retrospect

Popcorn has been a staple snack at movie theaters since the early 1900s. Initially, popcorn vendors would set up their stands outside of theaters, enticing moviegoers with the irresistible aroma of freshly popped corn. During the Great Depression, movie theaters started to sell popcorn directly to patrons as a way to boost revenue. The affordable and easy-to-prepare snack became an instant hit and has remained a favorite ever since.

Candy has always been a popular treat at movie theaters. In the 1920s and 1930s, as the selection of available candies expanded, theater owners began offering a variety of candy options for their patrons. Movie theaters became the perfect place for candy manufacturers to market their products, and many candies that we know and love today, such as Milk Duds and Raisinets, were specifically developed for moviegoers.

Frozen beverages, such as cola icees, have been a refreshing treat for moviegoers since the 1960s. The ICEE Company, which was founded in 1958, revolutionized the frozen beverage industry with their slushy, icy concoctions. Movie theaters quickly embraced the trend and began offering a variety of frozen beverages, including the popular cola-flavored icees.

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