Audrey Thick & Glossy Slime


SKU: 00810127950191

TEXTURE: Thick & Glossy
SCENT: Almond Milk & Sea Salt
COLOR: Robin Egg Blue
SIZE: 8 oz of Slime
Multiple Pearl Charms

Audrey is a thick and glossy slime with the captivating fragrance of almond milk and sea salt blend.  It is an elegant robin egg blue color. Top with pearl charms to fine true elegance!

RETRO Retrospect

Audrey Hepburn, the inspiration for this slime, starred on stage and on the big screen.  Amazingly, she has won Academy, Emmy, Grammy, and Tony Awards.  She is one of only sixteen people that have received all of these awards.

The staff at Retro can’t agree on a favorite movie.  Our historian staff remembers her first date with her husband was to see My Fair Lady.  She says it is all about the music and dancing.  Some love Breakfast at Tiffany’s, a 1961 American romantic comedy film which is where the color of this slime comes from.  Some of the Retro Millennials aren’t sure what the others are talking about.  But we all agree that we love Audrey Thick and Glossy Slime.

Bring the elegance of Audrey into your home with this robin egg blue-colored slime that has the captivating fragrance of almond milk and sea salt.

Please read about Warnings/Ingredients before purchasing. 

  1. alotusprincess (verified owner)

    This one definitely needed activator. After that it was a beautiful experience. The color of course wonderful. The pearls lustrous. And the sent those subtle was very lovely. This slime lasted me quite a while. It was so shiny and glossy. And it didn’t stick to my hands very much that was nice.

  2. mia antuna (verified owner)

    I can’t put this slime down. I have had it for a few months and it is still a beautiful smelling wonderful texture slime. All of my slimes from RSC are in great condition, they last and the overall slime experience is always perfect. This one will be repurchased when the time comes.

  3. Nat (verified owner)

    One of my all time faves! Scent is out of this world and LOVE the texture!!

  4. Ginga (verified owner)

    This is my favorite slime, beautiful Tiffany blue color, thick and glossy and a lot of fun to play with.

  5. yuritzi11

    amazinggg scent- i just cant

  6. Tommy (verified owner)

    Thickest. Slime. Ever. PLEASE BUY

  7. Nicole (verified owner)

    I have had this slime for MONTHS and it still acts good as new. It’s stretchy and holdable and makes great pops. Thick and glossy is exactly right.

  8. johnna.5 (verified owner)

    smells really good, almost like salty vanilla taffy. love this texture so much! its really thick and glossy, just as described. inflates bit so I put the extra in the retro overflow container. the color is just as pretty in real life!! would recommend to anyone looking for a really good basic thick and glossy slime!

  9. Nicole (verified owner)

    This slime makes me think of taffy when you stretch it! It’s so fun to play with and is SUPER holdable. I’m so glad I splurged for the 8oz, it feels like SO MUCH SLIME.

  10. Aubrey Engeriser (verified owner)

    I ordered four slimes from this company, and this is definitely my favorite. It was so pretty I couldn’t pass it up, and I’m so glad I didn’t! It is insanely thick and holdable, not sticky at all, and stretching it feels and looks like stretching taffy. The scent is light and smells wonderful, and the color is stunning. I love holding this slime while watching a movie or reading – I would highly recommend!

  11. sophie selfridge (verified owner)

    This slime was amazing and smelled great! – unipigslimeshop

  12. Kim Jackson (verified owner)

    Who doesn’t love and adore Audrey ? I had to grab this one, and iam so glad i did. It is scented beautifully and the texture and color are amazing. I loved this sm, thank you Retro 💙.

  13. Jade (verified owner)

    This slime is awesome. It is very holdable and thick. The scent is amazing. After having is for a month it has not lost any consistency. The perfect slime to play with while I play computer games.

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