Roller Boogie Icee Slime


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SCENT: Lemon-LIme citrus
COLOR: Yellow
Large = 10 oz of slime
Medium = 8 oz of slime
Small = 6 oz of slime

In 1979 teenagers went to the theater to watch Roller Boogie, considered the best worst movie ever.  Many teens watched the movie while sipping on the newly launched Mello Yello soda.  We hope you will mellow out and chill as you enjoy the good vibes created with this citrus-scented icee slime topped with a Firmasof™ lemon and lime charm.  Also, we hope you dig it because Mello Yello is our CEOs favorite drink!

Fun Fact: Mello Yello is a highly caffeinated, citrus-flavored soft drink produced, distributed, and created by The Coca-Cola Company. On March 1, 1979, the company introduced the product to compete with PepsiCo’s Mountain Dew.

Please read about Warnings/Ingredients before purchasing. 

Slime pictured is Large.


  1. Wanderlust5823 (verified owner)

    My slime came more like a neon green than what is pictured above. This is the only slime out of both of my orders that I would not recommend. The texture is amazing. The smell is too much. I can’t play with this one for long. I see the review stating there were sprinkles, so I checked the listing again. As far as I know, there are only the two charms that come with this slime and no sprinkles. However, it doesn’t need sprinkles. I don’t know what Mello Yellow smells like so I can’t say if it smells the same or not. The scent is a deal-breaker to me, however, the texture is really nice and fun to play with texture. I have fun in 5-minute increments, but can’t say I would play with it more than that at a time.

  2. Runqian Li (verified owner)

    it smells amazing, just like a lemon lime fizzy drink. i also enjoy the texture. it’s my first time playing with an icee slime and it was nice. i love the texture of the charms (unfortunately one of them bounced away) and the cute sprinkles. overall, i really enjoy this slime.

  3. Lynessa Wofford (verified owner)

    Everyone loved this one a lot! I will have to order more in the future so we all have our own. The smell is really refreshing and very fun to play with!

  4. Sam (verified owner)

    i loveeeeeeee this slime so much!! i play with it everyday! i love the texture! i’ve played with many cloud/ icee slimes and it’s a combination of both! i don’t know about the other reply and why they have it three stars, but the scent is not that bad! once you open it of course it’s going to smell like something strong! but once you get used to it there’s no problem. it does have like a tiny teeny bit of fall out which is obviously expected in cloud slimes! i just love it! 10/10

  5. Julie Canales (verified owner)

    The texture was nice, but I can’t get over the smell. It was really strong and I love the smell of lemon but this was like a chemical lemon smell. Very off putting. Loved the charms and the idea but the scent needs tweaking.

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