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SCENT: Fresh Spa

Dive into this sparkling jelly slime that contains just a SPLASH of instant snow. The glitter mingled in shades of blue will have you wishing you were a mermaid frolicking among the waves. But don’t forget to kick hard and surface using our handcrafted Firmasof™ mermaid tail charm.

Our Firmasof™ charms are handcrafted, silicone-based, and flexible, so they won’t hurt your hands when added to slime.

Please read about Warnings/Ingredients before purchasing. 

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  1. Kim (verified owner)

    Omg this slime is amazing. It is the most deep beautiful blue i have evet seen. The scent matches the slime perfectly. This jelly is thick, holdable, and imo, one of the best i have ever had ! Ty sm Retro, you guys nailed this one for sure 💙.

  2. Adrena D. (verified owner)

    This was my second time ordering from RSC and I still can’t get over how professional the packaging is. From the box the slime arrives in to the slime labels I just absolutely love how everything looks. My order did take quite a while to arrive but the quality of the slimes are worth the wait.
    Madison is definitely one of my new favorite slimes not only from this company but just in general. This slime is beautiful! It’s such a gorgeous blue color and full of so many pretty glitters. It shimmers just like the ocean. They were spot on with this slime. The mermaid tail charm that’s included is so pretty too and matches the slime perfectly. I loved the texture of this one too. It’s a super thick and holdable Jelly texture. It’s got a good stretch if you stretch it slowly. It’s great for poking and makes amazing bubble pops too. So fun and relaxing to play with. The scent is very refreshing too. Very clean and reminds me of an ocean breeze. Absolutely love this one! Next time I’ll have to get it in the bigger size. <3

  3. BKgirl483 (verified owner)

    This slime is just amazing! The color is gorgeous, especially when it fluffs up, and the mermaid charm is just adorable. The texture is thick and stretchy too, super fun to stretch and poke! The scent is just wonderful too. I’m not quite sure how to describe it, but it specifically reminds me of those bubble blowing bottles someone would buy as a kid to blow bubbles with. That’s the closest thing I can describe it as, but it’s very nostalgic and along with being a reference to such a classic movie? Amazing!

  4. Alison228 (verified owner)

    Really loved this Nelly slime, it’s thick and holdable yet so clear!

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