Virginia’s Garden Cloud Cream Slime


SKU: 653466241540

TEXTURE: Cloud Cream
SCENT: Garden Soil Or Oreo Cookie
COLOR: Black
SIZE: 6 oz of Slime
Themed Sprinkles, Bunny Charm & Firmasof™ Succulent Charms

We hope all generations want to try their hand at gardening with your choice of “gardening soil” scents. Choose between garden soil scent or Oreo cookie scent. Add the scented Firmosof™ succulent plant that smells like Rosemary and Lavender and then top with the adorable bunny and carrot sprinkle pack. When you’re done playing with your slime, pop on the dome top and put it on your desk for the cutest decoration.

RETRO Retrospect

Founded in 1922, the non-profit American Horticultural Society (AHS) is one of the most respected and longstanding member-based national gardening organizations in North America. Membership includes over 20,000 gardeners. AHS headquarters is located in Alexandria, Virginia, and overlooks the Potomac River.

AHS is dedicated to making America a nation of gardeners and this includes the Millennials who seem to be obsessed with houseplants. With an increase of “Plant Parents” the sales of houseplants have increased by 50% in the United States over the last 3 years.

Please read about Warnings/Ingredients before purchasing. 

  1. tbug0 (verified owner)

    It smells just like potting soil, but it is a VERY strong scent. I love it personally but others might not like it as much. The texture is super soft and really does look like soil

  2. Hannah L. (verified owner)

    This is adorable! So cute, even when just sitting on the shelf. The rabbit and succulent charms I received are even nicer and more detailed then the ones shown in the picture. Smells like dirt during the rain. This is my first slime purchase ever and I’m hooked! Can’t wait to try some more Retro Slimes!

  3. (verified owner)

    AAAADORABLE! WOW! I am blown away at how realistic and cute this slime is. Every detail is thought of down to the pot with a drainage saucer. This was one of the 1st slimes I purchased and I am hooked for sure and will be making many more purchases. Thanks RSC.

  4. Kaye Feldman (verified owner)

    The garden soil smell is spot on! Its not too strong either. If you like the smell of garden soil definitely get it over oreo. The slime itself is great!

  5. Sarah Fontenot (verified owner)

    Smells JUST like garden soil, and the constant “wetness” of the slime actually adds to the experience. Minor fallout of white beads. Haven’t seen a slime like it anywhere else.

  6. Mystic (verified owner)

    The container is adorable as well as the charms. Despite how cute the container is, I do wish there was a better lid. I ordered the Oreo scent and it smelled pleasant. It is a decent slime.

  7. Myth Entz (verified owner)

    I got the Oreo scent and OMG it is spit on and the slime is so sizzly I love it the charms were super cute to I love that it actually comes in the pot I was thinking it would be a little bigger but I still think it was amazing and I loved it so much

  8. Mckenzie Mink (verified owner)

    The texture is amazing and the scent is so good I got the Oreo cookie scent and it’s perfect. They give you so many sprinkles and 2 succulent charms that smell so good! And also a bunny charm. Makes really good sizzles and some bubble pops.

  9. Kristen Williams (verified owner)

    I got this in Oreo scent. The packaging was phenomenal! The extra goodies were very nice, too. The slime itself was stickier than my liking, but it came with activator so I could stiffen it. The slime texture is soft, a little wet but very reminiscent of soft clay. The smell makes me think of generic store bought chocolate wafer cookies. The container the slime comes in is adorable but the lid is a tad loose. It keeps out enough air that I’m not worried about it, and using tape to hold the sides down works well enough. The little succulents are very soft and fun to play with! The rabbit was a different model than the one pictured, with removable clothes, but is still really cute! Overall, this is a great slime and it looks adorable as a desktop decoration too!

  10. Lisa R (verified owner)

    I purchased this slime before I knew about their points program. Somehow they managed to get the “soil” slime to smell just like an Oreo. The white pieces normally found in soil mimic the squishy texture. The pulls are consistent and even provides nice pops. This slime is again, no exception to the detail that Retro puts in their slimes. Amazing!

  11. Wanderlust5823 (verified owner)

    I personally love the texture, but it is a little wet. The scent is really good. The pot packaging is adorable, but I would recommend having another container for it once it inflates as the slime sticks to the plastic cover and is hard to get off. Overall though, I really do love the slime and the cool feel of the slime is very calming.

  12. Danielle (verified owner)

    I’m a little disappointed the lid that came with this was smashed, very flimsy plastic and this does not give you an air tight container with it. So you’ll have to have your own storage for it. Lol I did get the soil smell and it does smell like I’m playing with dirt. It’s really fluffy and minimum bread fallout.

  13. Angelyn Davis (verified owner)

    Love! Love! Love! I am obsessed with this slime! Potting soil is actually one of my favorite smells ever (I know it is weird, but it screams springtime to me), of course that is the fragrance I chose. It is EXACT! The texture is like digging in the dirt without getting dirty! and the succulents!!! They are soft and squishy and smell like lavender!! I am not sure a more relaxing and comforting slime has ever existed. This will be my go-to now to get me through the winter months and I desperately hope they never stop making it. Carrot sprinkles! a tiny bunny! Just buy it now, trust me.

  14. Seneca Ulto (verified owner)

    Just the most adorable packaged slime ever. Retros attention to detail is above and beyond. The soil has added white balls just like the fertilizer in actual soil. I went with the soil smell out of pure curiosity. Just take my word for it that it smells exactly like the real thing and then click Oreo.

  15. KNM0001 (verified owner)

    The texture to me feels like I’m playing with actual soil! I got the Oreo scented one and it smells so good! Also comes with little white pieces mixed in and it makes it look like actual slime! The little succulent and rabbit charms are also so cute and the packaging itself was adorable! Definitely on the list of my top slimes!

  16. Libby Anderson (verified owner)

    Amazing texture and scent is crazy real! Smells like I was digging in a garden

  17. Shane1415 (verified owner)

    Smells so good just like garden soil! Texture is so soft and stretchy!

  18. Clarissa Chronister (verified owner)

    First time slime buyer… almost 30 years old and loving this slime stuff! I chose the garden soil scent and it smells exactly like it. So weird but so good!

  19. Reinya (verified owner)

    I’m not generally a person who goes for any sort of cloud slimes. I love a good thick slime with loud pops. That being said, I got this slime specifically for the theme and I got way more than I thought.

    This slime is very soft and pulls easily. It was just so addicting to keep folding and pulling this slime. The texture without the add in’s was fabulous and with the sprinkles even better. This is a really nice meditative slime to play with especially on days I can’t work in the garden.

    The things that I would note are the consistency is a bit wet so you might want to play with it enough and let it dry up a bit. There is a bit of fallout because of that dampness but not a big deal. The container itself is also not usable for long term storage. Cute for taking photos but not for storing slime. I would recommend adding an option to buy a long term storage containers for your slimes that don’t have airtight containers to start with.

  20. (verified owner)

    Was on okay slime, I was expecting more cloud than cream but got more cream than cloud. It smelled great and there was very minimal fallout.

  21. Jmworley (verified owner)

    Great slime! Super fun and cute to set up the scene! The texture just wasn’t for me but I’m sure others would love it!

  22. Alison228 (verified owner)

    Really loved this slime, I got it scented like garden soil and it felt like I was actually potting a plant, the Cloud cream texture is really nice and holdable and the beads make a realistic touch only down side is that they fall out quite often

  23. Lynessa Wofford (verified owner)

    I ordered two of theses in both scents and let me tell you that are spot on, especially the Garden Soil scent, oh my goodness! Loved them very much!

  24. Genesius (verified owner)

    The oreo scent is spot on! The slime is super inflating and great. The little add ons are just so cute

  25. kate_ (verified owner)

    I got this slime in the Oreo scent and it smells amazing!! The texture feels exactly like clay in the ground underneath the soil. It looks and smells very realistic. The packaging is adorable and I love the add ins. It looks just like a little flowerpot. I highly recommend this slime and I would suggest getting the Oreo scent because I really love that scent!

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