Virginia’s Garden Cloud Cream Slime


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TEXTURE: Cloud Cream
SCENT: Garden Soil Or Oreo Cookie
COLOR: Black
SIZE: 6 oz

Founded in 1922, the non-profit American Horticultural Society (AHS) is one of the most respected and longstanding member-based national gardening organizations in North America. Membership includes over 20,000 gardeners. AHS headquarters is located in Alexandria, Virginia, and overlooks the Potomac River.

AHS is dedicated to making America a nation of gardeners and this includes the Millennials who seem to be obsessed with houseplants. With an increase of “Plant Parents” the sales of houseplants have increased by 50% in the United States over the last 3 years.

We hope all generations want to try their hand at gardening with your choice of “gardening soil” scents. Choose between garden soil scent or Oreo cookie scent. Add the scented Firmosof™ succulent plant that smells like Rosemary and Lavender and then top with the adorable bunny and carrot sprinkle pack. When you’re done playing with your slime, pop on the dome top and put it on your desk for the cutest decoration.

Please read about Warnings/Ingredients before purchasing. 

  1. (verified owner)

    Was on okay slime, I was expecting more cloud than cream but got more cream than cloud. It smelled great and there was very minimal fallout.

  2. Jmworley (verified owner)

    Great slime! Super fun and cute to set up the scene! The texture just wasn’t for me but I’m sure others would love it!

  3. Alison228 (verified owner)

    Really loved this slime, I got it scented like garden soil and it felt like I was actually potting a plant, the Cloud cream texture is really nice and holdable and the beads make a realistic touch only down side is that they fall out quite often

  4. Lynessa Wofford (verified owner)

    I ordered two of theses in both scents and let me tell you that are spot on, especially the Garden Soil scent, oh my goodness! Loved them very much!

  5. Genesius (verified owner)

    The oreo scent is spot on! The slime is super inflating and great. The little add ons are just so cute

  6. kate_ (verified owner)

    I got this slime in the Oreo scent and it smells amazing!! The texture feels exactly like clay in the ground underneath the soil. It looks and smells very realistic. The packaging is adorable and I love the add ins. It looks just like a little flowerpot. I highly recommend this slime and I would suggest getting the Oreo scent because I really love that scent!

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