It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

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Christmas will be here any day now and here is our anticipated holiday gift guide

Stocking Stuffers!

Stockings are the best part of Christmas, and as a parent, you never want to flop the stockings. These things are also the toughest part of Christmas morning because no one wants the kids to be stuffed full of candy. But also don’t want to waste money on the junky small stuff.

Bring in the slime. Many of our slimes come in a 4oz size, which is perfect for a stocking stuffer. It’s something your kiddos will actually love and play with, and it won’t end up in a sugar crash later that day.

A gift for the family!

Oftentimes, many are faced with needing a family gift, and it’s really easy and cliche to turn to board games. In the past couple of years, many have loved curating a box of Retro Slimes for a family. Adding a slime each person in the family will enjoy. There are so many great Christmas options to make the perfect holiday box for the whole family.

The WHOOPSIE gift!

So you forgot to buy someone a gift? What’s great about RSC is that our marketing and branding works hard. When the box comes it’s always Christmas morning! The slimes come in our custom box, with a greeting postcard, a magnet, Overflow containers, and The Fixers. It’ll be a joy for a family to open. They’ll forget you forgot to begin with.


New to the shop is the cutest merch. The canvas field bag is big enough to throw some slime, sensory toys, and a book in making the perfect little gift and gift bag. The shirts are so trendy and colorful and have a price point that can’t be beaten.

Firmasof™ Charms!

Shopping for a slime lover? A kid who makes ASMR videos? Try browsing the Charm collection.
There are Firmasof fruit, vegetables, candies, and birds handcrafted and silicone-based. The charms are flexible and perfect for mixing into slimes for sensory stimulation and play.

I love the little cactus and flamingo. When I put them in Hurricane Party jelly slime, I like to pretend I’m on a beach.

Is it the very last minute?!

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    March 17, 2023 at 18:13

    That’s so true about the stockings. I’ll have to try slime next year!

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