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It was a cold day in February of 1976.  Picture it.  S.W.A.T is on TV.  “Disco Lady” by Johnnie Taylor is playing.  You are in your bell-bottoms.

But somewhere deep inside toy giant Mattel’s mainframe, slime is born.  It’s hard to believe slime is turning 46 this coming year when she looks so young.  She’s beauty, and she’s grace, but she wasn’t always.

It’s hard for us at RSC to think of our baby this way, but slime was designed to look gross.  It was first sold in a mini trash can container.  And Mattel picked a color akin to what you may find in a Kleenex.

As hair bands took over, slime continued to be marketed with that down and dirty feel.  Oftentimes, slime would come with insects or eyeballs.  Sometimes slime would be included in a monster set to get the real feel of teeth gunk.  Most famously, there was a slime pit for She-Ra and He-Man to battle Hordak in.  For those under the age of 30, yes, I’m speaking English.

Slime had her moment in that trash can.  Slay, queen.  Like mama says, when God gives lemons, serve lemonade.  And she served.

She served Flubber.  She served Ghostbusters.  She served Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles.  She served Nickelodeon.

And then, like the true celebrity she is, she disappeared from popularity for a little while to rebrand.  When she reemerged in 2016, she had experienced the ultimate glow-up.

Teenagers were creating slime that was as thick and beautiful as Burt Reynolds’ mustache, and it was taking the internet by storm.  She was Twiggy on the cover of Vogue Magazine.

We like to think we helped take her out of the trash can.  At Retro Slime Company, we have slime that smells and looks like Audrey, makes you feel like Gidget, and takes you to the Tiki Room.

But if you want that ol’ time, Retro feel, check out our Ghostbuster Glow in the Dark slime.


  1. Kimberly RessaReply
    June 16, 2022 at 00:19

    I turned 46 this year, WOW

  2. LaineyReply
    June 15, 2022 at 13:53

    I had no idea slime started out that way!

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