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Retro Slime Company

My grandma wore a shade of Mary Kay lipstick that could only be described as orange.  I’m sure she had been wearing it since Mary Kay’s inception in 1963. May that orange lipstick and Grammy rest in peace.  Some things we love to see get discontinued– like that lipstick.

I wore a very pricey Dior foundation for a solid decade before it was discontinued, and it was devastating.  When you find something you love, you want to buy it in every color.  We hope you feel that way about our slimes.

One thing we are adamant about is being stocked.  If you want your orange lipstick, we have it.

Many slime companies sell out of products or have flash sales of a product, but we don’t want our slimes to cause anxiety.  We don’t want you to feel like you are searching for a Tickle Me Elmo three days before Christmas.  That’s not what we are about.  Slime is about play and fun.  Slime is about relaxation and stress relief.

Plus, I’m getting too old to camp in lines for Grateful Dead tickets or sleep in lawn chairs to be the first person in Walmart on Black Friday.

Our business model allows you to buy what you want when you want it.  If it’s on our website it will be in a box on its way to you in a matter of days. That’s the old-fashioned, Retro Slime way.


  1. Rachel PowellReply
    March 28, 2023 at 12:12

    I love your business model and that your focus is on the customer. And your slime is amazing!

  2. Lisa R.Reply
    August 1, 2022 at 14:21

    I love that your company always has product available! It’s amazing slime!

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