What is Borax?

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Have you ever seen a natural borax crystal? They are purely magical. White as snow, the crystal looks like something out of a Disney film. Borax falls into a salt family, but I definitely wouldn’t eat it. Borax dissolves into water, but it’s often available in a granular form. It’s also a key ingredient in slime.

I think people would be surprised to realize how common Borax is in household items because Borax gets a bit of a bad rap. Sure, it’s used in ant pesticides, but it’s also used in glass, pottery enamel, a wood preservative for furniture, and Elmer’s glue. It’s been used as a cleaning agent for centuries.

Borax has been studied and researched for many years to explore its safety. And the research is out– it’s non-toxic. Borax is especially safe when it’s dissolved into water. This is how we send off our borax to you if you need it for your slime, and how we work with it here in our shop.

The form of borax you have to be careful with is its dust form. Overexposure via inhalation is known to cause respiratory irritation. And while some countries still use Borax as a food preserver, the U.S. has banned it. It’s not worth eating. It’ll give you tummy troubles for sure.

The way we recommend using Borax is in our slimes! We promise our slime is a safe and non-toxic form of play.

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