It’s the Nostalgia for Me

Retro Slime Company

Retro Slime Company is built on the concept of nostalgia.  We want to take you back to simpler times, so you’ll notice most of our slimes remind you of times.  Retro to us ends somewhere in the late 80s when computers started dialing up, and we were offered car phones.  When I got my first pager, I don’t think I could imagine a world where I was chained to a smartphone.

So, how do we foster a sense of nostalgia?

First, we carefully curate our marketing and name our slimes after things from our childhood.  The Retro Goods series is an excellent example of slimes with a throwback feel.  There are fruit cocktails and pudding packs that will take you back to shopping in Winn-Dixie with Mom.  We put the slime in what looks like cans, and the labels are giving simple 1960. Check out our Daddy’Os slime.

Everything from the website with inspirational history, label design, to the naming of the slimes is all for you and your nostalgia. But the truth is, our scents are our probably biggest selling points, and they’re really will take you back to your childhood. The sense of smell is the primary memory trigger. According to brain researcher Pamela Dalton, Ph.D., the smell is usually the backdrop of an emotional state. There have been a lot of great studies on memory, and one demonstrated that people were more able to remember someone’s name if they also smelled that person. This is your reminder to put on deodorant and brush your teeth.

Our red and green-labeled Strawberry Shortcake slime smells like the kisses from the doll you opened in 1979 and hugged to sleep at night. This slime will make you feel safe and warm in your childhood bed because our slime smells like that memory. We spend a lot of time perfecting a smell to help you remember your best childhood experiences, from chewing Bazooka gum at your baseball game to drinking Tang in your bathing suit after swimming at the community pool.

What’s your favorite childhood scent and memory?

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  1. Rhambleton@gmail.comReply
    March 29, 2023 at 15:32

    Chocolate chip cookies I baked with Mom, apple pie baked in Girl Scouts, a bonfire, BBQ, or chlorine from the pool…maybe don’t use that last one 😂

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