Spring has Sprung

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It’s the start of Spring! It’s time to channel your inner Gidget and begin to worship your inner flower child. This is my favorite time of year. It’s time to open a window and air out your house from the cold winter. It’s time to plant some flowers and tell your kids to play outside. If you’re my husband, it’s time to re-stain the deck and cut the grass. It’s the best time of year. In schools across America, the great countdown to summer is beginning. Spring is the great awakening. And we’ve got the perfect slime collection to honor her.

Basket O’ Pastel Marshmallow Floam Slime

Smelling like mom’s fruit salad on Easter morning, this super-inflating marshmallow floam slime is sure to put the spring in Spring. It comes with the cutest Easter-themed sprinkle pack for some extra-fun play. Inspired by Brach’s Marshmallow Easter Hunt egg candies, a staple in my grandma’s candy jars during this time of year, this slime will make you stop your hunt for the perfect Easter activity.

Binks Bunny Bingsu Floam DIY Slime

Is it even Easter if there isn’t a block of chocolate in the shape of a bunny in your Easter basket? This slime is inspired by just that. Our chocolate Easter bunny is made out of clay slime. Scented with the fountain of youth, it smells like Easter morning in 1974. Mixing the bunny into the base makes a creamy slime. This slime comes with an assortment of springtime bingsu beads too!

Bunny Butts DIY Cloud Cream Slime

This slime has me hopping and wrinkling my nose in pure joy. This bright pink cloud cream slime has a base scented with bunny-burp vanilla, and the clay bunny butt brings the Easter joy. Peter Cottontail, the original Easter bunny who worked in April Valley to make Easter candy for boys and girls, inspired this slime. It also comes with some fun posie seasonal beads. Hippity hoppity, it’s going to be a happy Easter day with this slime.

Splish Splash Semifloam Slime

April showers bring May flowers and the world’s cutest slime: Splish Splash! Rub-a-dub— this slime is unscented clear blue giving a very realistic water look. It comes with a rubber duck Firmasof charm and a side of foam “bubble” slime scented with bubble bath. Mix in your bubble-themed sprinkle pack, and you’ll be rolling and a-strolling. This slime makes me feel like a kid finding every puddle in my neighborhood to jump in.

Tie Me in Knots DIY Slay Slime

This slime is the cat’s meow. Utterly purrrfect and oh-so-sweet, this slime makes me feel like I found the best spot of sun to take a nap in. The base slime is a vintage orange and is scented with Awapuhi Seaberry. It comes with a clay yarn piece to mix in and a little cat charm. Inspired by American Bisque Pottery cookie jays, this is one slime you’ll want to get your hand caught in. Don’t forget to mix in your springtime bead pack for ultimate play!

Whoopsie Daisy Butter Slime

Whoops! We did it again! We made the perfect slime. This yellow butter slime is scented like daisies and screams May flowers. It comes with a Firmasof daisy and a daisy-themed sprinkle pack. This slime was no accident, it’s pure springtime perfection.


  1. JesseReply
    March 27, 2023 at 23:32

    Spring is taking a long time. Feels like winter never came.

  2. Rachel PowellReply
    March 26, 2023 at 08:06

    Spring seems to be slow in coming this year. Good thing I have some of your spring slimes to play with. 😂

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