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I wanted to get some inspiration for this blog, so I decided to cruise around Google for information about the origin of Valentine’s Day. And. I. Am. Horrified. Hold on to your cherubs because you’re in for a wild ride.

Apparently, according to NPR, while no one can directly pinpoint the exact origin of Valentine’s Day, one of the earliest known celebrations is from ancient Rome: the feast of Lupercalia. Celebrated on February 14th, the Romans sacrificed goats and dogs and then whipped women with the sacrificed animal’s hide, believing this would bring fertility. The three words used to describe the event were “drunk,” “naked,” and “violent.”

Ah, young love.

It gets worse.

There was also a jar filled with the names of eligible women. Young men would draw a name and then there was “coupling” for the remainder of the feast.

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting that story. But what about love is predictable? Over centuries, the Christians removed the pagan rituals from the holiday and put more clothes on. Hallmark did the rest.

I can promise you that your honey will not appreciate an animal-hide whipping or a lottery-style “coupling” for Valentine’s Day. So, may I suggest some of our finest slimes?

Slimes for the traditional honey

Key to My Heart Thick & Glossy Slime: This chocolate-covered cherry-scented slime is topped with a Firmasof™ heart and a metal key charm.

Jack & Rose DIY Snow Fizz Slime: This unsinkable slime will surely grab your imagination with its iceberg clay piece and wonderful scent. Enjoy assembling your slime to create a super inflating, crunchy slime. Don’t forget your Jack & Rose-themed sprinkles and iceberg Firmasof™ for continuous love.

Puppy Love Microfloam Slime: Young or a little older, everyone will fall in love with this microfloam slime scented like, what else, brownies! Top your slime with puppy paw-themed sprinkles and Firmasof™ paw charm.

Slimes to show parental love

Butterfly Kisses Bingsu SemiFloam Slime: This crunchy, bingsu bead, semi-floam slime comes with glittery butterflies, a butterfly charm, and butterfly-themed sprinkles. It is scented like a wonderful Spring day.

Tie Me In Knots DIY Slay Slime: Scented like Awapuhi Seaberry, this slime is “fur real” one of our cutest slimes. Combine the yarn clay piece with the wonderful scented thick base, add your pack of sprinkles, and top with the playful kitten charm to create the “purrfect” slay slime.

Slimes for the singles

Love Potion #9 Jelly Slime: This slime has everything you need to create the perfect textured slime. Start with your jelly base slime and add in your desired amount of glitter potion and top with kiss-themed sprinkles and Firmasof™ lip charm.

Say Anything Jelly Slime: If you grew up in the 80s, you’ll know this silver metallic jelly slime that comes with love-themed sprinkles, and your very one boombox was inspired by one of the most iconic scenes in film history. Even if you’ve never seen Say Anything… you almost certainly know the moment. John Cusack with a boombox over his head as Peter Gabriel sings “In Your Eyes.”

Slime for everyone

Candy Conversationalist: This butter slime will evoke memories of those schmaltzy conversation candy hearts for many of us. We hope you enjoy this slime while you top it with the conversation heart sprinkle pack and your very own large conversation heart from RSC to you!


  1. Rhambleton@gmail.comReply
    March 13, 2023 at 14:18

    It’s so funny where holidays come from and where they end up! I love your creativity in representing the holidays in the slime.

  2. JesseReply
    March 10, 2023 at 22:42

    I want to try these next Valentine’s day with the kids

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    interesting to learn about slime

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    February 4, 2023 at 21:12

    Awesome! I appreciate your research. It just adds to the quality and aesthetic of your product. There is so much time and thought put into it . Amazing. Intellectual+ fun…for those of us who love research and history this was truly unexpected! I am so impressed with you guys!

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