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Blue Earth Corn Clear Slime


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SCENT: Can Corn
COLOR: Yellow

Blue Earth Corn is a clear slime with a sweet corn scent and packed with handcrafted Firmasof™ corn kernels. Our Retro Goods all come in the most adorable can (plastic). Comes with a Small or Medium container to store your slime.  A Retro Goods Slime that is a must-have for any slime pantry.

RETRO Retrospect

In Blue Earth, Minnesota, there proudly stands the 55-foot-tall fiberglass statue of the Jolly Green Giant. The statue was unveiled in 1979 and was the idea of the host of the “Welcome Travelers” radio program. The listeners often asked, “Where’s the Green Giant?”

In an era marked by the advent of home economics, good housekeeping, and “boomer” babies, canned products became the housewife’s best friends.  Not only were canned goods more cost-effective, but more convenient as well.  A variety of nutritious ingredients were at her fingertips when preparing meals for her family.  Many baby boomers will tell you that canned corn is their favorite vegetable can good.

Please read about Warnings/Ingredients before purchasing. 


  1. amiolano (verified owner)

    Fun slime with great pops. The corn inclusions are fun! The scent is a little chemically though.

  2. volt_iv

    great slime, id love if there were just a little more corn pieces though

  3. volt_iv

    AMAZING SLIME . i loved it so much i couldnt stop playing with it, id love it there were just a little more corn pieces though

  4. Makaylah Albrecht (verified owner)

    Such a fun slime! Has nice pokes and the added corn bits add a fun texture. The scent is very light and isn’t overpowering. Smells lightly if corn haha

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