Downey Honey Butter DIY Slay Slime


SKU: 00810127952560

SCENT: Honey Butter
SIZE: 8 oz of Slime
CLAY PIECE: Honeycomb
ADD-INS: Themed Sprinkles & Bee Charm
LEVEL: Beginner

Enjoy the scrumptious scent of honey butter with this DIY slay slime topped with the honeycomb clay piece to create a luscious honey butter slay slime. Don’t forget to add your sprinkles and bee charm!

RETRO Retrospect

Our inspiration for this slime came from those special treats of honey butter on hot dinner rolls at home or in many restaurants such as Texas Roadhouse or Ryan’s Buffett. Honey butter was often homemade but became a favorite of many during the 1940s, when Honey-Butter Products Co., opened a dedicated facility located in the small town of Manheim, Pennsylvania. The current owner’s family has been handcrafting Downey’s Honey-Butter for more than 65 years.  Downey’s Honey Butter is drizzled over warm croissants and spread on bagels, biscuits, and of course hot dinner rolls.

Please read about Warnings/Ingredients before purchasing. 

  1. Artsy_Hands (verified owner)

    this is an extremely satisfying slime to play with for me. before mixing the clay honeycomb, the slime makes loud pops which i enjoy. after mixing, it’s a bit subdued. the texture is oh-so-soft & fun to squish & poke & stretch~ it reminds me of my bakery days, hahaha~ but what i really love is the smell. i didn’t grow up w/ honey butter dinner rolls but the smell reminds me of Filipino bibingka or buttered mochi. it makes me happy…and hungry o(^___^)o another slime that i would definitely buy again. any slime from this shop is highly recommended!

  2. KNM0001 (verified owner)

    This is my second favorite slime scent I have ordered from this company! It smells so good, and reminds me of Texas Roadhouse butter! I also ordered one for my sister because it was just so cute and we both love bees! Also the label is by far the cutest one I have seen so far! It even came with an adorable bee charms

  3. (verified owner)

    The smell is amazing, just like Texas roadhouse honey butter! Amazing texture and I absolutely love the add-ins!

  4. Amden81 (verified owner)

    Lovely honey smell that seems to get stronger the more you play with the slime. Clay honeycomb was perfectly soft and easy to mix in and created a wonderfully satisfying slay slime texture.

  5. ErinS (verified owner)

    I love DIY slimes so I had to grab this one. I love bees so this one was obvious for me. The honeycomb was almost too cute to mix in with the base! The smell is yummy. Like Texas Roadhouse rolls. The little bee charm is such a nice touch, so is the Retro Slime packaging it all came in! I love the sprinkles they used in this kit too. By far one of my favorite slimes they have right now.

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