Downey Honey Butter DIY Slay Slime


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SCENT: Honey Butter
SIZE: 8 oz Plus Clay Honeycomb

Enjoy the scrumptious scent of honey butter with this DIY slay slime topped with the honeycomb clay piece to create a luscious honey butter slay slime. Don’t forget to add your sprinkles and bee charm!

Our inspiration for this slime came from those special treats of honey butter on hot dinner rolls at home or many restaurants such as Texas Roadhouse or Ryan’s Buffett. Honey butter was often homemade but became a favorite of many during the 1940s, when Honey-Butter Products Co., opened a dedicated facility located in the small town of Manheim, Pennsylvania. The current owner’s family has been handcrafting Downey’s Honey-Butter for more than 65 years.  Downey’s Honey-Butter is drizzled over warm croissants, spread on bagels, biscuits and of course hot dinner rolls.

Many Baby Boomers from the 1940s may remember the treat of honey butter as a child and if they do they are likely to pass on enjoyment of the delicious pure bliss of honey butter to their grandchildren today. A hot steamy roll dripping with honey butter is the perfect treat with a special meal and some may even call it dessert!

Please read about Warnings/Ingredients before purchasing. 

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