SKU: 653466240215

TEXTURE: Thick & Glossy
SCENT: Bazooka Gum

This pink thick and glossy slime with foam beads and the perfect Bazooka gum smell will remind you of the ultimate bubblegum full of personality.  We have included is a real piece of the throwback Bazooka bubble gum for you to enjoy while playing with this slime.

Enjoy your comic strip of Bazooka Joe and his gang’s wacky adventures!  There are over 1,535 different “Bazooka Joe” comic-strip wrappers to collect.

Please read about Warnings/Ingredients before purchasing. 

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  1. Jade (verified owner)

    This has become my go to slime when I just want to mindlessly play with a slime. Such a fun texture and very little fallout. The scent reminds me exactly of bazooka bubblegum. Added bonus my kids are now obsessed with the gum.

  2. Adrena D. (verified owner)

    Bazooka is an awesome slime! I’m not usually a huge fan of the typical bubblegum scent so I hesitated on purchasing this one. I was able to snatch it up during the free candy shop slimes sale so I went ahead and got it. Much to my surprise I actually really loved this slime. The bubblegum scent isn’t the typical one. It’s actually a really sweet and fruity scent that I like. It’s a really pretty pink color and it definitely reminds me of bubblegum. I liked the texture a lot too. It’s a thick and glossy yet stretchy slime. It’s great for poking and makes really awesome pops. The varied foam beads in it added to the great texture of it. The included piece of gum was definitely a throw back. Loved everything about this one.

  3. johnna.5 (verified owner)

    I got this slime in a 4oz container, and I love it!! it came with the cutest little piece of bazooka bubblegum. this slime smells really good, and it has like a sweet bubblegum scent. mine had no bead fallout, and it was pretty stretchy. I just added a little bit of the softener to make it a bit more stretchy, but other than that, would really recommend to anyone who loves gum!!! it really did feel like was playing with a big wad of gum!! hahah I’m in love with it!

  4. (verified owner)

    There absolute best slime ever. This company is hands down the best slime shop I’ve ever come in contact with. From packaging to the actual slime, I’m 1000% impressed

  5. Lorenz Evans (verified owner)

    I wasn’t the biggest fan of the scent and it was not as stretchy as i wanted. It was still a good slime.

  6. Alison228 (verified owner)

    Had a very nice vibrant play pink color just like bubble gum. The texture is very think and holdable but equally stretchy. The scent can be very strong but otherwise I really loved this slime

  7. Christine Townsend (verified owner)

    Smelled amazing just like the gum, wonderful thick but stretchy base w perfect sized foam balls to make great pops!

  8. Rae Hefner (verified owner)

    It’s like I’m playing with an actual ball of gum, minus all the stickiness! The foam beads add a really nice touch. It smells great- Just like high quality bubblegum- and is really fun to play with. Loved the actual piece of bazooka gum it came with too!

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