Hawkeye Crabapple Martini Jelly Slime


SKU: 653466241557

SCENT: Crabapple Martini
COLOR: Iridescent Lime Green
SIZE: 8 oz of Slime
Themed Sprinkles & Firmasof™ Apple Charm

Captain Benjamin Franklin “Hawkeye” Pierce became the center of the M*A*S*H unit’s medical activity.  In the television series, he becomes the Chief Surgeon of the unit.  If you were hanging out at the Swamp at MASH 4077, Hawkeye Pierce would probably offer you a martini glass full of the latest brew from the famous still.  Named for Hawkeye’s hometown of Crabapple Cove, Maine, we hope you can relax with this luminous crabapple-scented slime that comes with a bag of sprinkles for you to top off your slime.

RETRO Retrospect

M*A*S*H (an acronym for Mobile Army Surgical Hospital) is an American war comedy-drama television series on CBS from 1972 to 1983.  The brilliance of M*A*S*H lies in its characters.  We could all identify with at least one member of the 4077th.

Please read about Warnings/Ingredients before purchasing. 

  1. kierstin davis (verified owner)

    Unique scent. Super inflating with such a great texture.

  2. reesespiecesbj21 (verified owner)

    The scent is good, a lot of Apple scents are really sweet but this one is tart and it want makes me want to lick it love the jelly texture one of my

  3. Genesius (verified owner)

    The smell is a bit strong but that’s okay. Just if you get it and don’t like strong scents then this isn’t the slime for you. The bubble pops are so amazing.

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