Retro Cranberry Sauce Clear Slime


SKU: 00810127951570

SCENT: Cranberry Sauce
SIZE: 7.5 oz of slime

Retro Cranberry Sauce Slime is a clear slime with a delightful cranberry scent. A Retro Can Good is a must-have item for any slime pantry.

Did you notice that canned jellied cranberry sauce is upside down?  The can rounded top forms a bubble vacuum. Therefore, when you open the sharp, can-like edge at the bottom the vacuum seal releases and the sauce easily slides out.

Stock your pantry today with Retro Can Goods. Retro Cranberry Sauce Clear Slime is a cranberry sauce scented clear slime that comes in the most adorable can (plastic). Please note that our cans are not airtight once unsealed. 

RETRO Retrospect

If you are a fan of the jellied cranberry sauce “log,” you can thank Marcus L. Urann.  His ideas revolutionized the cranberry industry.  He was a cranberry grower who was trying to extend the sales of cranberries past the harvest season.  The harvest season for cranberries is six weeks long, from September to November.  Urann discovered that he could cook and preserve the cranberries to increase the sales period. He was also a smart businessman and joined with other cranberry growers.

Urann joined other cranberry growers in 1930 and formed a cooperative.  The cooperative became known as the National Cranberry Association in 1946.  Then in 1957, the cooperative changed its name to Ocean Spray.  Americans often look for the Ocean Spray brand while shopping for canned cranberry sauce.

 Please read about Warnings/Ingredients before purchasing.